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    sbangayan86's Custom TTM successes

    Hi everyone,

    Thought I would start posting some of the cards that have come back through the mail. Have a lot to go through, but will just post the two returns from today for the time being:

    Note: pretty much everything shown is a custom card, in case you wondered where some of these came from!

    Few new returns this past week:

    Patrick Coulombe 2/2 c/o Dragons de Rouen (France Hockey League)

    Trent Klatt 2/2 c/o home

    Mario Bliznak 2/2 c/o Plzen HC (but it is postmarked from Slovakia, with Slovakian stamps)

    Randy Holt 1/1 c/o home

    Wayne Connelly 2/1 c/o home (included an extra 71-72 OPC card signed)

    Alfie Michaud 2/2 c/o Portland Pirates

    Non-hockey: Roger Federer!
    1/1 c/o website address; quite awesome as most people appear to receive pre-signed, generic photo cards of Roger, but he actually signed x2 copies of my custom!

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