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Thread: 100 in 2012 successes

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    2 More just recently coming in

    1/1 George Karl on 2012-13 Hoops
    1/1 Mario Williams on a 2012 Score

    Nice stuff too. George Karl's sig is hard to make out due to where he signed on the card, but Mario Williams' sig is very nice!

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    Having a bit of a drought...It has been a while so I thought I'd propose this.

    As we know, these are probably some of the slower months, and I've gotten close to 200 in 12 months, possibly doubling my ultimate 2012 goal. I wanna do this.

    Any duplicates you see on my list, or back on pg. 1, contact me about as I would like to trade for some of your TTMs or duplicates. Keep the list going. Will check the mail soon, but just busy with school soooo hopefully I can repost something later today. Until then, excited for James Bond Midnight Showing tonight, and happy trading!

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    Finally a success!

    Sent 10-19-12 and received 11-9-12

    Marc Mariani 1/1

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    son and i got in Wade Boggs yesterday and also zane smith .. we sent 3 to boggs and 2 to zane if you want to trade for one of those

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    Quote Originally Posted by TxOutLaw View Post
    son and i got in Wade Boggs yesterday and also zane smith .. we sent 3 to boggs and 2 to zane if you want to trade for one of those
    Ya I may just hit you up about that. For now, idk but we'll see!

    Anyways, I broke the slump (FINALLY) yesterday and should have a pic up by tomorrow.

    10-17-12 to 11-19-12 Kenneth Faried

    AKA the Manimal! Awesome success in silver sharpie. Looks really nice. Mailed C/O to the Denver Nuggets

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    Awesome night of successes at the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Philadelphia 76ers game tonight

    Warm Ups
    Evan Turner 1/1
    Thaddeus Young 1/1
    Nick Young 1/1
    Jason Richardson 1/1
    Dorrell Wright 1/1-This is a sort of success as I tried my silver elements marker on the card...and it really doesn't show. Talk about a disappointment!
    Aaron McKie 1/1- He signed my ticket as I had NO IDEA this guy worked for the organization! I grew up watching McKie when I was a young kid so it was really cool to meet him.

    The next two autographs are simply unbelievable! During a Time Out at the game, the jumbotron showed both Trent Richardson and Joe Haden at the game. I knew I had to get them. I literally must have chased them around the whole building but sure enough, I got them. Both guys were extremely nice and I even got a photo with Haden. Was about to with Richardson, but his body guard told me that he had to go. Overall an awesome night!

    1/1 Joe Haden on a pocket schedule
    1/1 Trent Richardson on a ticket (my dad's as my previous one had already been signed by Aaron McKie!

    The story is much longer, but unfortunately I left the page and all I wrote before was gone. To make a long story short, let my dad (who i never get to see games with anymore) to get the autographs at halftime, followed trent and haden around until I was able to get their autographs, got to meet them through one of Haden's entourage, and made it back to my seat with my dad before the start of the 4th. If you'd like a longer version, lmk and Ill post it tomorrow. Anywho, Photobucket is being a really big pain so I cannot view images in order to place them on the forum. Until then, if you'd like to see the successes from tonight, here's the link to see them:

    Also, here a link to some of the pictures from the game and other moments I've had with some famous players and what not:
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    Some more nice success tonight from the Canton Charge vs. Maine Red Claws. First up though, TTMs.

    1/1 Byron Scott- Sent 11-6-12, Received 11-23-12. Thanks Mr. Scott!

    2/2 Fab Melo- On Floorboard. He didn't play that well but was nice enough to sign two boards for me, one of which i gave to the ball boy. He's gonna get me back later...(I hope). Nice sig from the first rounder though

    1/1 Kris Joseph- On floorboard. Nice sig from the rookie from the 2nd round

    1/1 Shelvin Mack- On card. Actually had nothing for him and noticed that a kid had an extra card. I gave the kid a buck for one. He probably got the better deal, but at least I had something for him to sign.

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    Got back from the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Phoenix Suns game tonight. Cavs looked awful, but the autographs were pretty solid.

    Went to the Suns side and got some nice stuff. I missed Gortat because I thought I had a card of his, didnt end up having it and shuffled back and forth to find an item. Once I finally had a notecard, he ran to the back stating he had to be back there and was running late. Same scenario for Jermaine O'Neal. Other than that, pretty nice stuff.

    On Cards
    Luis Scola-1/1 NBA Hoops 12-13
    Jared Dudley-1/1 NBA Panini 09
    Markieff Morris-1/1 NBA Hoops 12-13
    Michael Beasley-1/1 NBA Panini 09
    Sebastian Telfair-2/2 NBA Panini 09 (2)

    On Note Card
    Dan Majerle 1/1
    P.J. Tucker 1/1

    On ticket
    Kendall Marshall 1/1

    Overall a really good night. If you wanna see all the successes, check out my photobucket: Until further notice (or until I can learn how to with the beta), all my images will have to be seen there. Sorry about it guys but I'm trying to get images back up here.


    1/1 Drew Stubbs 3-23-12 to 11-27-12. That was a shock to get back. Knew it was a ST auto from the stamp on the envelope. Always try to send out different styles with different batches of letters. I used Pixar stamps on most of my ST so the minute i saw this I became happy. Nice to see it back.

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    Great way to start off the week as four came in today!

    Sent on 11-20-12, Received 12-3-12

    1/1 Scott Brooks- on the NBA Hoops 12-13. Great return from the head coach of the Thunder!
    1/1 Paul Posluszny- Great defender, just stinks he's on a team like Jacksonville. Anyways though, great to see this one come back on a Score 2010

    Sent 11-6-12, received 12-3-12
    2/2 Kevin Martin- Nice to get a return from him. Sent a while back when he was on the Rockets and never heard back. That's strange cause he's usually a great signer from what I heard. Just happy to have these two back!

    Sent 10-16-12, Received 12-3-12
    1/1 Paul George, Another addition for my 12-13 hoops collection. Sent back my letter unresponded, but a signed card. Thanks again Mr. George!

    Should have these up on my photobucket soon enough!

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    Another success tonight, a strange one though..

    1/1 Boris Diaw- Strange because he sent back my 12-13 NBA Hoops card, but signed it on the back. That's never happened to me before, but ill accept it. Thanks to Mr. Diaw!

    Also before I forget, BIG thanks to Chrisjacobs7 for helping to add to the collection of 2012. Granted he was cleaning out his collection, but you know the old expression, one man's trash is another man's treasure!

    1/1 Kyle Farnsworth. Nice looking card. His autograph isn't the prettiest of the bunch, but it's still another nice addition to my baseball collection.

    Also to everybody interested in adding to their collection, I still do have many duplicates from this year that I am trying to trade off in exchange for new names to add to my list. Names that I have to offer include people like Sebastian Telfair, Kevin Martin, Jason Kipnis, Vinnie Pestano, and sooooooo many others. PM me with any interest. Have a good weekend everybody!
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