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Thread: 100 in 2012 successes

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    So never got to post this due to my busy schedule, but on Saturday...

    1/1 Casey Blake: Sent 11-20-12, received on 12-8-12. Nice signature. Grew up watching him on the Indians and he was always one of my favorites. I never heard much about him while he was here, but now that he's gone...every single girl that I know had some sort of secret crush on him....weird tidbit of info, but yea still an awesome auto.

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    Another awesome success today. This one goes way way back to probably the summer.

    1/1 Cory Luebke: I remember sending this batch out around July. So this one has been a bit, but another awesome return!

    Soooo, I think I finally got this stupid Beta thing figured out. So without further's some of the stuff I've been talking about!

    Like I said, just a small taste or i would literally be here all day. Some exciting stuff coming up this week as I try to double my 2012 goal! Friday will be going to see the Milwaukee Bucks vs Cleveland Cavaliers. Will be trying to get Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis. Should be exciting!

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    Alright, It has been awhile and I apologize to those who tune into this thread. It cool doing updates, but when you have a's hard to get motivated, especially when you significant other comes into town...but that story is epic and we'll touch on that in a moment.

    First some TTMs.

    Received 12-13-2012-Brandon Beachy

    This one went WAY back to the early part of the baseball season last year, great to see this back. He signed 1/1 on my Heritage 2012

    Received 12-14-2012- Larry Johnson

    Sent this one about two-three months ago, before I started keeping track of send outs again (Sry guys), but still a nice send back on my 09 Threads card. I will say the man really messed things up for himself in KC, but he was still a solid RB during his career.

    Received 12-15-12- Josh Hamilton

    AWESOME. I saw the post earlier this week of his tweet. Apparently the man gets Ridiculous amounts of fan mail. I will always be a personal fan of the guy. The man has literally been through hell and back during his career, plus to add on that foul ball mishap, the man is incredible. Hope for the best with him in L.A.

    IP- Cavs vs. Bucks

    Originally the last game I would go to in 2012, but as luck would have it, things have changed.

    1st off, my girlfriend and I go to the game early to see the Bucks warmup. She's not into autos, but goes with me and helps me get doubles usually. Neither Monta Ellis or Brandon Jennings were warming up today (bummer), but that didn't stop me from getting some solid graphs

    1/1 John Henson on 12-13 Hoops
    2/2 Ersan Ilyasova on 12-13 Hoops
    2/2 Joel Przybilla on Panini 09-10s
    1/1 Larry Sanders- Was a 2/2 but my gf left the program he signed at our old seats (get to that in a minute). Also took a picture with me!
    1/1 Drew Gooden- He remembered me back in Canton when I got him last time. Took a picture with him too.

    Missed both Doron Lamb and Luc Mbah A Moute due to them just running past. So after warmups I went up to my original seats with my girlfriend. She bought us nosebleeds for my birthday and got me a really cool cavs hat. So we're sitting in our seats, when a guy in a suit approaches us. Apparently we were the seat upgrade of the game and were upgraded to the 8th row near the court. I was excited and thanked the man for the tickets. Somehow I dropped the fact that it was also my birthday and the man was surprised as well. Not thinking anything of that, we went to our seats...only to be met by another guy in a suit 5 minutes later. He comes up and gives us seats ON THE COURT! Literally sitting feet away from Kyrie Irving which blew my mind. The luck however doesnt end there. During the T-Shirt toss, I screamed towards one of the throwers and caught a shirt tossed over for my girlfriend. Little did i know that there was something paperish attached to the shirt. They were two tickets to this tuesday's game to the Cavs vs. Raptors. So pumped to go for free to see the Cavs again! Just need to decide whether to go to the Raptors side or the Cavs side.

    To make things better, my gfs' father got her whole family tickets to go see the Harlem Globetrotters. Little did I know that he got an extra ticket for me as well, which honestly was sweet of him. To go see the Globetrotters is cool as they are historic and an incredible show which I have never seen, but I think it also made it cooler for the fact that I was considered close to their family. However, that either here or there. All in all though, this made for one crazy birthday/graphing weekend. Pics to come soon!

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    Went to the Raptors vs. Cavs Game. HUGE Successes. Maybe it's because the Raptors aren't a premiere team, but they all seemed very down to earth and autographed a lot!

    Warm Ups
    1/1 Jose Calderon
    1/1 DeMar DeRozan
    1/1 John Lucas III (ticket)
    1/1 Michael Pietrus
    1/1 Jonus Valanciunas (Program)
    2/2 Ed Davis (On Program and on card)
    1/1 Linus Kleiza
    1/1 Alan Anderson (Program)
    1/1 Landry Fields
    1/1 Aaron Gray
    1/1 Amir Johnson

    End of the game
    Went to the Raptors entrance at the end cause everybody crowded over to the Cavs side for Kyrie. Talked to Pietrus for like 4 seconds, (btw on a side note: the man is down to earth chill. One of the nicest players I have ever met. Pietrus goofed around with my buddy and I for a long time during warm ups...seriously cannot stress enough how awesome he was) and then caught a GU towel from Amir Johnson. To make thing even better, Calderon came by and signed a few autos for some people, so I got him to sign the towel too! Awesome!

    It's late and I don't have time to post a pic of every success, but I do have the cards with me, so here's a few examples of what I got!

  5. #125 has happened. I thought 100 autos in 2012 was gonna be hard, never thought about doubling my objective though! That's right, since my last update, I have hit 200 autos! This is incredible and may lead me to my next goal. More on that later. Pics will be posted but here's the update!

    Received on 12-22-12 sent on 11-20-12
    Roy Hibbert
    T.Y. Hilton

    Received on 12-22-12 sent on ??? Playoffs last year
    Danny Granger-Sent this when they were playing the heat last season in the playoffs. This I didn't expect back, so I'm stoked to see it!

    Received on 12-22-12
    Devin Mesoraco

    Received on 12-26-12 sent on 11-6-12
    Danny Green- Loved him when he was drafted to Cleveland, but they let him go. Really never understood that, but glad to see he's successful in San Antonio.

    And the kicker/probably last auto of 2012. Happened on 12-26-12 as I went to the Harlem Globetrotters game with my girlfriend. What was really cool was the fact that legendary globetrotter, Curly Neal, was there by happenstance. When the team had an auto session after the game, I had to get Neal, and sure enough, I did just that. Got him on a printout ticket, but an auto is an auto, especially of one of the legendary trotters.

    All in all, a really cool 2012.

    but 2013 is just around the corner, and I'm looking towards bigger and better...any ideas on a new goal?

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    So today is officially the last day of 2012, and from the looks of it, I will have finished with 200 autographs total for this year. This doubled the original goal, not to mention the additional auto count for items like duplicate signatures from a person, so on and so forth.

    With that being said, I want to give a special thanks/thank you to the constant viewers of this forum. Maybe I just do it through my enjoyment, but I love to hear feedback and I love to see people like you viewing and posting in this forum. Not only does it encourage me to keep pursuing this hobby, and to show you my collection, but I feel in return it helps people post their items and give the community an idea of who signs, who doesn't and how to go out and do it properly. I hope to me more success threads up in the future like this that promote positive and awesome successes!

    So with that, I wish you all a happy new year and another announcement. This forum will continue as planned, but with a new goal for 2013: obtaining at least 500 different autographs. That is more than double of what I have obtained this season. It will be tough and I know the challenge, but as a hobby and a competitive person, I feel that this is going to be fun and entertaining! These autos can be from TTM, IP, packs of cards, or from trades here in the forum and in the coming days I will be posting a tradelist from my previous TTMs. So a lot of stuff to look ahead at for 2013...

    ...However as a final note, I will be moving the 2012 final success count here and moving 2013's total to the first post to keep track. I wanted to keep a final resting place for it though. So here it is, 2012 in review! See you all in 2013!

    1. Dillon Gee 2. Sebastian Janikowski 3. Brett Anderson 4. Ryan Kerrigan 5. Robert Parish 6. Baron Davis 7. Landry Fields (x2) 8. Steve Novak 9. Mike Lieberthal 10. Steve-O 11. Mickey Ward 12. Dirk Nowitzki (x2) 13.Taylor Griffin 14. Donyell Marshall 15. Luke Harangody 16. Christian Eyenga 17. Ira Newble 18. Marc Rzepczynski 19. Michael Stutes 20. Joe Nathan 21. Brad Peacock 22. Chris Kaman 23. Pat Neshek 24. Jason Kipnis (x5) 25. Vance Worley 26. Adam Jones 27. Jamie Moyer 28. Shelley Duncan (x2) 29. Thomas Neal 30. Nick Weglarz 31. Adam Abraham 32. Trayvon Robinson 33. Sam Cassell 34. Chris Leben 35. Eduardo Escobar 36. Dayan Viciedo (x2) 37. Juan Pierre 38. Mitch Moreland 39. Koji Uehara (x2) 40. Johnny Damon (x2) 41. Ubaldo Jimenez (x3) 42. Derek Lowe 43. Tony Sipp 44. Josh Tomlin 45. Jeanmar Gomez 46. Dave Cash 47. Nyjer Morgan 48. Mark Buehrle 49. Colby Lewis 50. P.J. Walters 51. Trevor Plouffe 52. Justin Masterson (x4) 53. Vinnie Pestano (x3) 54. Lonnie Chisenhall (x4) 55. Juan Diaz 56. Aaron Cunningham (x2) 57. Ian Desmond 58. Jose Valentin 59. Eric Roberts 60. Jimmy Key 61. Jeremy Hellickson 62. Jonathan Lucroy 63. Jordan Zimmerman 64. Jason Motte 65. Ryan Dempster 66. Paul Shuey 67. Elliot Johnson 68. Mark Shapiro 69. Chris Perez (x3) 70. Joe Johnson 71. Jim Ross 72. Matt Capps 73. Al Kaline 74. Tommy Hunter 75. Miguel Gonzalez 76. Travis Hafner 77. Mike Cameron 78. Jason Kapono 79. Richard Petty 80. Ricky Watters 81. Dominic Brown 82. Kyle Hudson 83. Wayne Chrebet 84. Chris Carpenter 85. Fernando Salas 86. Issac Bruce 87. Mike Munchak 88. Eric Mangini 89. Thurman Thomas 90. Leroy Kelly 91. Elvin Bethea 92. Mark Melancon 93. Ryan Lavarnway 94. Carl Crawford 95. Jack Hannahan 96. Manny Acta 97. Carlos Santana 98. Chase Headley 99. Arnold Palmer. 100. Joel Hanrahan 101. Jew Lowrie 102. Nick Hagadone 103. Nate Archibald 104. Mike Leake 105. Brad Ausmus 106. David Murphy 107. Tom Milone 108. Ben Zobrist 109. Mike Quick 110. Lou Marson 111. Jason Donald (x2) 112. Michael Brantley 113. John Olerud 114. Jim Tressel 115. Jerome Simpson 116. Jordy Nelson 117. Shane Battier 118. Bobby Valentine 119. Mike Doss 120. Terry Collins 121. Brad Johnson. 122. Jim Johnson 123. Sandy Alomar Jr. 124. Addison Reed 125. Alexei Ramirez 126. Brian Omogrosso 127. Russ Canzler 128. Max Scherzer 129. Mike Napoli 130. Orlando Hudson 131. Jordan Danks 132. Carlos Baerga 133. Žydrūnas Ilgauskas 134. Kevin Jones 135. Dion Waiters 136. Daniel Gibson 137. Kelenna Azukuike 138. Alanzo Gee 139. Drew Gooden (x2) 140. Luke Walton 141. Kyrie Irving 142. Zach Britton 143. Jason Kidd 144. DeMarcus Cousins 145. George Karl 146. Mario Williams 147. Kenneth Faried 148. Evan Turner 149. Thaddeus Young 150. Dorrell Wright 151. Jason Richardson 152. Nick Young 153. Aaron McKie 154. Joe Haden 155. Marc Mariani 156. Trent Richardson 157. Shelvin Mack 158. Kris Joseph 159. Fab Melo 160. Byron Scott 161. Luis Scola 162. Jared Dudley 163. Markieff Morris 164. Michael Beasley 165. Sebastian Telfair (x2) 166. P.J. Tucker 167. Dan Majerle 168.Kendall Marshall 169. Drew Stubbs 170. Scott Brooks 171. Paul Posluszny 172. Paul George 173. Kevin Martin 174. Boris Diaw 175. Kyle Farnsworth 176. Casey Blake 177. Cory Luebke 178. Larry Johnson 179. Brandon Beachy 180. Josh Hamilton (x2) 181. John Henson 182. Joel Przybilla 183. Larry Sanders 184. Ersan Ilyasova 185. Ed Davis (x2) 186. Jose Calderon (x2) 187. John Lucas III 188. DeMar DeRozan 189. Aaron Gray 190. Linus Kleiza 191. Michael Pietrus 192. Alan Anderson 193. Amir Johnson 194. Jonus Valanciunas 195. T.Y. Hilton 196. Danny Granger 197. Roy Hibbert 198. Devin Mesocaro 199. Danny Green 200. Curly Neal

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    2013 signatures has officially BEGUN! And what better way to do so then with a Cleveland Cavaliers game. Went to the game on 1-9-13 vs the Atlanta Hawks

    First off before I talk about the successes, I wanna discuss something kinda weird. I have remembered hearing about this before and never realized it until reaching the game. If you go to graph the Hawks, don't bother carrying a sharpie. There is a guy on the staff who actually hands them their own magical sharpie. Now, I've heard many theories behind why this occurs, some people say it's because or resale or some people say they just wanna be extra cautious, and the extra cautious people are actually right. After one fan got into an argument with the guy. I casually walked up and asked him why he hands the team sharpies. He replied that it was due to germs and not wanting the Hawks players to catch anything during the season. Which was understandable and at which he could have stopped the conversation...but the man proceeded to go on about how he uses hand sanitizer and nobody else does so therefore his stuff is superior and that there is nothing ever wrong with his about an egotistical person. However, I digress.

    The years starts with the 1st autograph!

    Horford was the 1st autograph of the 2013 Rudickulous saga and a good one too. Besides being an awesome player, he made a special tweet after the 1st game admiring the Cleveland fans and giving them much respect. In my book, the guy's pretty chill, and I told him that at the game. He thanked me and I did the same as he went down the line.

    The rest of the autos are as follows

    Zaza Pachulia -1/1 Card
    Devin Harris- 1/1 Card
    Kyle Korver 2/2 Card & 8x10

    The Hawks didn't have many people on their side warming up. Dominique Wilkins was there, but wouldn't sign, but found another old player

    1/1 Bob Weiss- Program. Might be giving this to my dad. Bob Weiss was a player/coach/author and is now apart of the Hawks' staff. He was a part of the 76ers Championship team back in 67', so my dad would appreciate it more.

    Was able to sneak back over to the Cavs side with my girlfriend before it was too late. Daniel "Boobie" Gibson passed me over, which I didn't care as I got somebody 30x better. My boy!

    1/1 Kyrie Irving- This is the 1st time this year, 2nd time this season I got him and it's still as awesome as the first time. Not as exciting, but still amazing nonetheless. So with the new year here, 6 down, 494 autos to go until I hit the goal!

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    Sweet pickups. I live in Atlanta and know exectly what you are talking about with their security guy. I dont care about the black sharpie I just make sure that I have something that would look good in black I just hate how he hovers over the ballplayer talking about 1 auto per person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrveggieman View Post
    Sweet pickups. I live in Atlanta and know exectly what you are talking about with their security guy. I dont care about the black sharpie I just make sure that I have something that would look good in black I just hate how he hovers over the ballplayer talking about 1 auto per person.
    I know what you're saying completely. Apparently he's the team doctor, but whatever you are with the facility, it doesn't give you the right to be a humongous jerk to the fans. Unacceptable.

    Anyways, Add another success, this one from way back. About a half a year to be exact.

    Sent 6-21-12, received back 1-12-13
    Eric O'Flaherty: Thought it was a goner like the Beachy, but I guess these guys just take a bit with their autographs. Nice to get this back for my Heritage collection.

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    Some nice successes. The guy giving the Hawks players the sharpie is their security guy, he is just a pain and makes everything more difficult.
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