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Thread: 100 in 2012 successes

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    Sooooo its the ending of the school year and things are cracking down. Pics are to come, but here's a quick update.

    2/2 John Lithgow

    He signed 2 of my Dexter season 4 dvd covers. He was actually speaking at my school and it was such an honor to see and meet the man. I have loved all his work, from dexter, to 3rd rock, to Shrek, Orange County, the list can literally go on and on. Great to finally meet a personal idol.

    1/1 Tyler Austin

    Got to meet Mr. Austin at an AA Akron Aeros game. Not only did he autograph my 8x10, but he got me a ball and a bat from the game. Awesome dude and amazing prospect, soon to be yankee star.

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    A success...and it only took about half a year.

    Sent on 10-19-12, received on 4-25-13

    Kansas City Chiefs Kicker Ryan Succop
    1/1 on a Score 2010 card.

    Nice large auto. Thanks Mr. Succop!

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    I've heard great things about Austin. I read that his mother told him if he ever walks by a kid without signing for them she would be mad at him. Seems extremely fan friendly.

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    An awesome night at the ball park as it was my (technically) 2nd game of the MLB season. Phillies vs. Tribe and it didnt disappoint. Went to BP early and caught a ball hit from Chase Utley. Sweet. Where to next, let's try pregame autos from the Phillies

    1/1 Dominic Brown on 2012 Heritage
    1/1 Ben Revere on 2012 A&G
    Jimmy Rollins & Ryan Howard

    Those two were major ouches, but Howard signed on one side of the dugout where Rollins signed on the other. By the time I reached Rollins...both closed the sharpies and walked away. No regrets though, I really like Dom Brown and even got a picture with him. Plus Ben Revere (when he starts hitting again) has a lot of potential. That wouldn't be the last I ran into him either.

    Immediately following the game.

    1/1 Mike Adams on 2012 Heritage

    Nice guy, even getting crushed, he still took time out to sign my card.

    Parking lot. (Hi J_A_S_Z! Here's the part you're gonna like!)
    2/2 Jason Kipnis on 2012 A&Gs
    2/2 Lonnie Chinsenhall on 2012 A&Gs
    2/2 Mark Reynolds on one 2013 Heritage and one 2013 A&G
    1/1 Vinnie Pestano on program
    1/1 Cody Allen on program
    1/1 Scott Kazmir on 2010 Toppps
    1/1 Ben Revere SS on ROMLB

    Ben Revere is a stand up dude and I cannot believe how much he signed. Glad to see the young kid was in a signing mood tonight!

    All in all a good day. Plus the news is going around that Michael Bourn will be starting a rehab stint shortly is good. 1 because he will be coming back to baseball which is always good and 2, he will be in Akron...where I go to school. More to come with that though. Night everybody!

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    Congrats on the success. Really appreciate all the help. That Kipnis was tops on my want list. With any luck Dom Brown will start to reach his potential this year.

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    You'll have to give me the scoop on where to go to get the best Tribe autographs, I'm coming up to a game ASAP. Just not sure which one yet. Actually last year my mother told me we were going and we went on the 4th, and on the way home I decided I'd drive back myself on the 7th... spontaneous! Lol

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    Yeah, most definitely I'll let you know. LMK what game and I may even be there to help out.

    Other than that, figured this was coming due to the recent successes on the TTM manager

    1/1 Cameron Maybin. roughly 1 month!

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    I love charity...

    I know weird way to start, but it will come to full circle in a minute. But its no secret that sports and charity kinda go hand in hand. We've seen it with Colorado Rockies and Detroit Tigers, as both have respectable charity/autograph programs. Then there's NBA cares, Make a Wish, all different foundations where sports stars reach out to fans and give back to the community. Always a nice gesture and I've even taken part in some of these programs before.

    That being said, the next auto I received is actually a gift from a close family friend. Recently the family took a trip to Atlanta in order to participate in a fundraiser for disease awareness. Forgive me, as I have forgotten which disease it was, but I know that it cost this family their young grandson. Needless today, my thoughts and prayers always go out to them.

    During this fundraiser, there way a charity auctions, with all proceeds going to the charity. Knowing of my vast love for both sports and autographs, these family friends not only bought me a gift out of the kindness of their hearts...but also did so under the name of their deceased grandchild. The item was an autographed ROMLB of Starting Pitcher and Ace, Tim Hudson. Along with the ball came a certificate of authenticity and a lovely letter to the foundation from the Atlanta Braves (AAA team to be exact). I will provide the charity and the disease later, but I was just so touched and moved by their generosity that I just wanted to repost this story. Knowing that the money they paid for this will help sick children in need is just fulfilling and warms my heart.

    On another note, my plans coming up are solid as tomorrow I plan (possibly) on attending the Aeros vs. Baysox game to attempt at getting both Gausman and Bundy. Then in two weeks, I will attend the doubleheader between the Tribe and the Yankees. Awesome stuff! Also, Pictures of all my recent stuff should be up tomorrow for viewing pleasure. Have a good night everybody!

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    Bundy's not with Bowie, so I hope you didn't go planning to get him...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lambeauleap87 View Post
    Bundy's not with Bowie, so I hope you didn't go planning to get him...
    Wish you could of told me sooner. I went out and bought two new ROMLB and then found out about Bundy at the stadium. That was a bummer.

    However, not all bad as Bowie Baysox vs Akron Aeros were today. My original plan was to go for about 1 hr beforehand, graph, and leave...however the guy I went for, Kevin Gausman, was pitching and wouldnt sign until after the game...So I stayed.

    Before the game
    1/1 -Kyle Hudson, Xavier Avery, Aaron Baker, and Garabez Rosa all on a ROMLB from a previous game. The ball was beaten up a bit, so I figured it was alright
    1/1-Mike Wright on a ticket. Kicked myself as I just found out that I have a card of him too...oh well.

    After the game.

    Caught a ball and immediately put it to use.

    1/1 Xavier Avery on Minor OLB. His signature is not the best, but he does have a LOT of potential.
    1/1 Kevin Gausman on ROMLB- Got him getting onto the team bus. Very thrilled to get him as he is going to be an amazing pitcher.

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