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Thread: Where do you buy your boxes?

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    Where do you buy your boxes?

    Where do you buy your sports card boxes from? eBay, a physical store or an Internet site? Also interested to see everyone's response here.


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    Ebay/Internet for the most part. The card shops are too pricey it seems!

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    I agree with you, I buy mine on eBay and other Internet sites. I saw a box of 2002 Bowman Chrome football go for $130 at a card shop, whereas it was some $60-$70 on eBay!


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    Some on ebay usually well after there release because otherwise you pay to much on the auctions I've seen, the others I preorder from the site below, there still retail prices but there cheaper than anyother pre-sell prices I have found and shipping is only $5 for the first box then 50 cents per box after that!!!!!!

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    I buy boxes from Ebay; although I do occasionally go to flea markets and auctions to grab them if I see bargain prices.

    Auctions are difficult, b/c you usually have to purchase them in large lots, like 30 wax boxes to 1 lot. You usually don't get to choose 1 or 2 boxes.

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    What auctions do you go to? I'm also from Orange County and was thinking about checking one out.

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    It's a shame we can't band together to form a wholesale buying group, and have our own account with the card companies. The retailers are the only ones against it... but I like most of you are buying off ebay because the stores jack up the prices way too much. Anyone have anything better than Ebay?

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    I usually buy my boxes from this card shop that I go to. He's the best one in my area and always has good prices. His boxes are always lower than everybody else around here.

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