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    Make sure to report FAKE cards on eBay!

    *I'm going to be posting this in all four main sports card sub-forums here*

    I'm getting pretty sick and tired of seeing guys selling fake autographs and patches on eBay. They are ruining the hobby and stealing people's hard earned money.

    We as a community need to stand up and stop this. I don't know if everyone reports these guys, but there are thousands of members here. We can make a difference and stop these crooks.

    We also can't rush to judgement on every sick patch card or autograph. There are lots of legit logo patches, tag patches, etc. out there. Before placing a report, please check out the seller's other auctions (including completed auctions), see his feedback and see what others have to say about it here.

    After a consensus is met that a card is fake, EVERYONE who see's the thread (and who is a member on eBay), PLEASE REPORT THE ITEM! It's simple and quick to do!

    If you see a fake card on eBay or read about one here and don't do anything about it, you're not helping the situation. Sure YOU might look out for fake cards so you don't buy them. But there are lots of people in this hobby who get duped, and as long as there is money to be made they will continue to sell fake cards.


    To report an eBay item:

    Simply click the "Report Item" on the right-hand side of the listing.

    Now you will see three tabs.

    Under "Report Category" choose "Copyright and trademark".

    Under "Reason for Report" choose "Counterfeit item or authenticity disclaimer".

    Under "Detailed Reason" choose "Counterfeit, fake, or replica items".

    Click "continue" and write a brief description for placing the report.

    Click "Send Report" and you're done!

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    Great idea! Any possible fakes I come across, I'll post!
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    Thread is now STUCK.
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    ive been doing this with all of the Topps Rookie Premiere autos of Matt Stafford. Drives me nuts seeing his fake autos being sold for good money.
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    My main thing and possibly for a bunch of people is how does one tell if its a fake or not? Like what's a good place to find "reference" cards.....just COMC or are there other sites?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sportscardrage View Post
    My main thing and possibly for a bunch of people is how does one tell if its a fake or not? Like what's a good place to find "reference" cards.....just COMC or are there other sites?
    I don't know how other people do it, but I just had to learn myself. I later found out my early naivety did in fact lead to a purchased fake auto.

    Now I learned what sets threw in some nice patches and what sets didn't just by research, if sets did have hand serial numbers, I learned to ask questions like seeing a scan of the back of the card. Some are obvious, some not so much.

    I've seen a lot of suspect ones, from the 1997 UD Legends auto set to present day patches. But I did have to learn the hard way and I don't even know if anybody can guide you. I think it's more up to you
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    well said

    thanks for sharing and posting

    now if only more people would do it

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    This is a great thread. Here's my theory, If you collect a certain team and /or player, you should know what their autos look like. Granted, every one is a little different, but if one is WAY off you should be able to notice it. I busted a guy awhile back selling crappy Aaron Rodgers fake autos. They were on junky gas station give away cards and he had a ton of them for sale so that was another clue that they were fakes. And the fact that the sig was crap.

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