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    Question Wonder if ND or Arizona's gonna start playing D?

    I know it's early and all, but the score is Arizona 21, ND 19 just 5 minutes into the game. At this rate, we're going to have the highest scoring basketball game ever! Wisconsin's up 2 on Kentucky with 5 minutes left... I said I wasn't going to watch this game but it's so harrrrrrrrrrrrd!

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    I have to watch :) I just hope Kentucky wins for the sake of my bracket, but loses because they need to experience losing! I think Arizona beats Notre Dame.


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    Arizona's gonna smoke ND.
    I'm VERY suprised Wisconsin is kept The score low! To bad the turnovers before the half

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    This is exactly why I didn't expect ND to make it out of the first round. Their defense is HORRIBLE and currently Arizona has put 53 on the board and there's still a minute to go in the half. Maybe they shouldn't have all shaved their heads... Arizona probably thinks they're playing against a bunch of penis's out there.

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    Looks like Stkmtimo was right. Great game by both teams tonight.

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