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    Escrow Trade Agreement between meandsharon11 and Sidthekidc87

    This is a thread for the Escrow trade being conducted for this trade:

    All agreements and scans will be posted in this thread until the trade has been completed.
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    Same. My post office is always swamped

    Meandsharon. Picked up a Baldwin inception auto today at the card show. Reminded me of you

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    Alright, package shipped today. Here is the DC #: 9500100019532029000011

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    lol yeah i have one of those in my bucket

    thank you rcw

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    You're welcome. The postal machine said expected delivery date is Wednesday the 1st.

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    awesome! When they come in do I need to take pics and post again, or just confirm everything is good and ship mine out?

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    Just confirm that everything is acceptable and then send on out.

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    Not really sure why the DC number isn't showing up when I seach for it. meandsharon, let me know if it shows up properly today.

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