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Thread: CLRyan5's Success Thread

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    Wow is all I can say for today! Received 5 returns today!! I'm pretty sure that is a new personal record! It seems like I get the most returns on Mondays and the fewest on Saturdays.

    Here are my returns:
    I received 4 Arizona Fall League returns. With the season wrapping up this week it seems like everyone is getting caught up on their fan mail.
    Logan Bawcom: 1/1
    Out: 10/22 In: 11/5
    Corey Spangenberg: 1/1
    Out: 10/22 In: 11/5
    He didn't even lick the envelope shut. All he did was tuck the flap in. Thank god it didn't fall out. So word of warning to everyone who plans to send to him in the future, I suggest you send a self-sealing envelope
    Kolten Wong: 1/1
    Out: 10/22 In: 11/5
    He signed with a regular blue ink pen and personalized it. It came out absolutely terrible. I will definitely resend to him at Spring Training and may even include a Sharpie. Has anyone else had this problem with Wong?
    Boone Whiting: 1/1
    Out: 10/22 In: 11/5

    And now my non-AFL return

    Eric Johnson: 1/1
    Out: 10/13 In: 11/5
    I am trying to collect the entire Rookie Blue cast, with the exception of a couple. It is my favorite summer tv show! I sent all of my requests to where they are filming in Canada on October 13th and this is my first return. He wrote xo EJ on the cardboard protector. I included $2 cash for postage and he even sent $1 back!! I am so excited about this return. He inscribed "Colleen! Thank you for watching! xoxo"
    EBay pickup:
    Hunter Pence 8x10 inscribed with his first MLB grand slam date. Despite my unfortunate experience with Hunter this past June I still find myself rooting for him and was so happy for him when he won the World Series. I was thrilled to pick this up on ebay for $10

    2 bobbleheads came in today

    Grady Sizemore: He played his Class A ball in Clinton so he has always been a favorite of mine. I wish he could stay healthy

    Mike Scott: I really wanted to pick up this bobblehead because of the story behind it. This bobblehead is commemorating Scott's 1986 no-hitter he threw against the Giants to win the NL West. My mom was at this game and got to witness it. My dad was stuck in traffic in Houston on his way home from work listening to it in his car and when Scott got the final out he said people all around him were pumping their fists in excitement. I get chills every time I think about that story
    So here is the 2012 Houston Astros series so far (only need Nolan Ryan and Milo Hamilton-which is on the way)
    And now the entire Astros collection

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    Love the successes Colleen, I wrote to Wong earlier and he signed my photo in sharpie so I guess I was lucky- I cant wait to write to Spangenberg as he seems to be a great signer... great mail day you have there!
    -2012-present Bowman Chrome first year baseball stuff.
    -Football Semistar-Star Finest, Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome, Platinum RCs and Refractors
    -Always interested in buying via Paypal lots of stuff I collect or star refractor lots in baseball and football.

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    Congrats on your sucesses. Spangenberg is a very good signer.

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    First off I am so excited to call this man our president for 4 more years!!! I am so excited he has been given the chance to keep moving our country forward, rather than backwards like Mitt would do

    Okay on to autographs :)

    Today I received 1 TTM return-a Rookie Blue return

    Peter Mooney: 2/2
    Out: 10/13 In: 11/7
    On the first photo he inscribed "Hey Colleen! I love that you love the show! Thanks for watching!"

    IP Successes:
    Tonight the Wolves take on the Orlando Magic and I decided to graph my first Wolves game of the new season. I did not go to the game, I just graphed the Wolves players as they drove in.

    Andrei Kirilenko: 1/1
    Super nice guy! unfortunately my picture with him turned out blurry. I should stop assuming everyone knows how to work a digital camera :/
    Alexey Shved: 1/1
    Also a very nice guy!
    Chase Budinger: 1/1
    Again great guy! Told him I missed him in Houston and that I'm a Rockets fan and he smiled

    Ricky Rubio: 2/2
    I was the only one still waiting when he finally arrived because he arrived right around the time the doors opened for season ticket holders. I asked him how his knee was doing and he said really good and asked me how I was doing. Awesome experience

    And last but not least my Wolves crush JJ Barea
    He pulled up in a sweet new car he got this offseason and immediately rolled down his window and waved me over from behind the barricades to sign. He was super nice and smiled at me and asked how I was doing. Him recognizing me and always chatting with me is definitely gonna get me a pair of his shoes this season. Next Wednesday I am going to the game since I cannot go to Friday's game because of work. I plan on asking JJ if I can get his shoes after a game this season then. I am hoping to develop a connection with him that will get me some sweet stuff after the last game of the season. Last year Michael Beasley and Wes Johnson gave their signed game-used jerseys to a young girl that was there with her dad every game and always brought them cards and treats

    I am taking offers for everything I got tonight except the Slam Magazine because I will be getting that signed by Kevin Love and then selling it. I have 3 copies of the Slam Magazines and will be selling 2 or maybe all 3 since I have a photo file of the cover

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    I received a couple TTM returns over the past 2 days. I will also be graphing the Vikings at their hotel tonight so hopefully I have some successes to report on here.

    Chandler Jones: 1/1
    Out: 10/22 In: 11/9
    Cat Osterman: 2/2, 8x10 and custom Gypsy Queen
    Out: 10/13 In: 11/10

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    Sweet stuff as always!!!
    -2012-present Bowman Chrome first year baseball stuff.
    -Football Semistar-Star Finest, Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome, Platinum RCs and Refractors
    -Always interested in buying via Paypal lots of stuff I collect or star refractor lots in baseball and football.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ILLRIMESAYA View Post
    Sweet stuff as always!!!
    Thanks! Glad I was finally able to get Cat on an 8x10! Now I'll stop bothering her with fan mail for a while haha

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    Here are my TTM successes/ebay pickups over the past 4 days

    Milo Hamilton 2012 Bobblehead
    2012 Houston Astros Bobblehead Set: 7/8, only missing Nolan Ryan
    Houston Astros bobblehead collection
    Entire bobblehead collection
    TTM Successes:
    Trayce Thompson: 1/1
    Out: 10/22 In: 11/13
    Travis Milne: 2/2
    Out: 10/13 In: 11/13

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    Last night I attended the Timberwolves game with Autofreak2842. I was happy to finally meet him and we had a great time! We graphed the Timberwolves driving into their garage first before the game.


    Andrei Kirilenko: 1/1
    Got the shortened signature since there were more people. He is such a nice guy though
    Alexey Shved: 2/2

    Derrick Williams: 2/2
    I'm beyond pissed at how smeared the Big 3 photo got :'(

    Nikola Pekovic: 1/1
    He's gotten a little tougher to get this year now that he is playing well and getting more recognition

    The tickets we had for last night's game were season tickets so we got in early and got a free program. And I must say the programs are much better looking this year. And I was so excited because it was a JJ Barea program :)
    Last year's program
    This year's program

    Lou Amundson: 1/2
    Asked to sign a 2nd 8x10 but said only 1

    Luke Ridnour: 1/1
    Derrick Williams: 2/2
    Happy to get him again and I don't think he really recognized me. Wore my hair down for the first time ever for a Wolves game so I think that threw some players off haha

    JJ Barea: 1/1
    JJ was a scratch and signed walking out. He smiled and talked to me again. I asked him if I could get his shoes after a game this season and he said yeah next game I'm at that he plays in he'll give me them :) And I love that he signed this photo with his Puerto Rico number

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