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Thread: CLRyan5's Success Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by J_A_S_Z View Post
    I like the Custom. i prefer the one without typing.
    Thanks. I was leaning towards that one and maybe printing the other to give to Barea

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    Good news everyone! My blog is back in action so you will no longer have to put up with huge images. I finally figured out how to clear space for more photos after reaching my limit
    Yesterday and today I received 1 TTM return each.

    Jennie Finch: 1/1
    Out: 10/13 In: 11/30
    This photo turned out amazing!! I love her signature!
    Ed Hochuli: 1/1
    Out: 11/16 In: 12/1
    I wonder how many of these he received to sign. Love this Sports Illustrated cover so I printed it as an 8x10 and it turned out great. Glad he signed it in silver!

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    Yesterday I didn't work because I switched my shift to Wednesday so I could graph the Wolves driving in and inside before the game. Outside was a complete bust. I only got these 2 Alexey Shved 8x10s signed. JJ Barea didn't even stop and sign for me but I don't blame him. There were several people there and he has been driving a new Maserati this year. I wouldn't let many people by my brand new $100k+ sports car.

    Alexey Shved: 2/2
    He always gets dropped off by his brother and always signs. A grapher told me he just got his license so who knows how much longer that will continue. And I never see him inside either, I think because he's so shy he may be uncomfortable being swarmed by so many fans. Plus his English isn't great yet either.

    Inside I couldn't believe how many players were signing! I've been pleasantly surprised by the team's signing habits this year, inside that is.

    Nikola Pekovic: 1/1, I've never seen him sign inside!
    Derrick Williams: 1/1
    Lou Amundson: 1/1, I think he liked the picture because he gave me a better autograph than before
    Luke Ridnour: 1/1
    JJ Barea: 1/1, there was a local middle school or elementary girls basketball team that got let in as a group early so they were asking all of the players if they could sing or dance for them. It was kind of funny but when they kept hounding Barea I got annoyed because he couldn't hear me asking for his shoes after the game like he said at the last game I was at :( haha o well plenty of chances later. I'm going to get this one resigned and ask him to sign in the dark since his entire signature is in the white it's tough to see
    Dante Cunningham: 1/1
    Greg Stiemsma: 1/1
    Team Sheet: Josh Howard, Coach Shawn Respert, Coach Jack Sikma
    I also got Rubio on a photo like all of the others but since there were so many people he wouldn't use my silver and part of his signature was in the dark spot so it was hard to see. I just gave it to a brother of 1 of the girl's team players because Rubio was his idol and Rubio skipped over him. He was only 15 at most and I felt bad since I had gotten Rubio before and it was the 1 player he really wanted. I know what it's like to have your sports hero not be who you prop them up to be so I just wanted to make his night a little better

    I really love how these wallpaper photos from the Wolves website are turning out! I would love to get the entire team on their individual 8x10s and the team on the team sheet and display them all together. Ambitious plan I know!

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    Those pics are SWEET! Where did you find them? I'd love to use them for when I see the Wolves!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SMVintage View Post
    Those pics are SWEET! Where did you find them? I'd love to use them for when I see the Wolves!!!!
    and don't waste your money on stuff for Love or Roy. You won't get them. Love has become really unfriendly this year

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    Never thought I'd say this but I'm beginning to love Mondays! I have the best maildays on Mondays!! Got some great returns today

    Holly Warlick: 1/1
    Out: 11/16 In: 12/3
    Great success from Pat Summitt's successor. Love the Lady Vols and while they got off to a slow start she is doing great things with this team. I do not envy her one bit having to fill the legendary Pat Summitt's shoes!

    Ryan Nassib: 2/2
    Out: 11/16 In: 12/3

    Connor Barwin: 1/1 custom card
    Out: 10/22 In: 12/3
    Love this success from 1 of my favorite Texans. Will definitely send some 8x10s his way now that I know he signs TTM. Really hope the Texans can work a new deal out with him
    Ebay Pickup: Jeremy Bloom
    Bloom has always been 1 of my favorite athletes not only for his skiing but his looks too haha

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    Today brought a great success from former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (D). I was thrilled to open this return as I am a proud Democrat. I absolutely loved her DNC speech and was so pumped to vote after seeing it. Her team even included a nice card thanking me for reaching out and saying Governor Granholm signed my photos. They also added a flyer for Current TV, where she now works as host of "The War Room with Jennifer Granholm."

    Jennifer Granholm: 4/2
    Out: 11/16 In: 12/4
    I love the inscription on this photo!! It says "To Colleen-This is what democratic victory looks like!" Amen to that!

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    Congrats on your successes. Those Wolves photos are really cool. I remember Jeremy Bloom would sign all the time when he was in Training Camp with the Eagles. He is a really nice guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BPensyl125 View Post
    Congrats on your successes. Those Wolves photos are really cool. I remember Jeremy Bloom would sign all the time when he was in Training Camp with the Eagles. He is a really nice guy.
    That's awesome. He's doing some amazing work in the business world in Colorado!

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    Today I received a great return!

    Brigadier General Marshall Webb: 1/1
    Out: 11/16 In: 12/6
    I love this return from 1 of the gentleman in the famous "Situation Room" photo from the bin Laden raid. I love his inscription because I told him I have dreams of working in the intelligence community and am currently majoring in Political Science, Arabic & Islamic Studies, and Criminal Justice to achieve that goal and he wrote "Colleen, all the best to you in your studies & career" and he also inscirbed Brig Gen USAF after his autograph!

    I also received this Andy Pettitte Astros bobblehead I won off Ebay

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