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Thread: CLRyan5's Success Thread

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    CLRyan5's Success Thread

    Well I thought I'd make one of these to share my successes. My siblings and friends are getting tired of me talking about this hobby and think it's weird that I do it since I'm a girl but I don't care. I love it! I just got into this in the last year. In person successes include Hunter Pence & Chris Johnson at an Astros-Cubs game last year. Then I got Tim Tebow, Von Miller, Eric Decker, Brady Quinn, Brian Dawkins, and Britton Colquitt at the Broncos' hotel in Minneapolis the day before they played the Vikings. I also got Brandon Jennings on an index card and Andrew Bogut on a basketball at their hotel before they went to shootaround the day of their preseason game against the Timberwolves in Minneapolis.

    This week has been the week of the fan pack. Late last week through today I have received several fan packs. Teams I've received from include the Cincinnati Reds, Oakland A's, Atlanta Hawks, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Bucs, Dallas Mavericks, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Buffalo Bills. Yesterday I received autographs from my favorite snowboarder Lindsay Jacobellis and figure skater Joannie Rochette. Pictures of these recent successes can be found on my blog. Once I get out of Iowa and back to Minneapolis for 2nd semester, I will post pictures of my past successes on my blog.

    I'll post my TTM successes on here through this week, but next week it will only be IP since I won't know what I get in the mail since I have it sent home. Going to be an awful wait to spring break since I'm sending out a ton of 8x10s to Spring Training!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dscards View Post
    What a fantastic day! If that bottom Shved 8x10 is for trade, shoot me a PM..I've only got one of him in his Russian uniform in my collection and would love a Wolves photo.
    I don't do trades. I'll sell it to you for $20

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    Well I was frustrated with the way the Texans game started off tonight so I took a break to go get some Timberwolves autographs before the game.

    JJ Barea: 2/2, 16x20s
    Knocked out 2 more 16x20s. I had intended to try getting all 4 signed but he was dropped off so I only got 2 done. Turned out great. And may I say JJ Barea may be the best dressed man in the NBA. He was looking sharp tonight! :)

    Nikola Pekovic: 2/2 8x10s
    I am contemplating getting some 16x20s of him when I am not so tight on money. He is always willing to sign
    Ricky Rubio: 1/1 11x14
    Surprised he stopped to sign because there were 2 other guys waiting with me and 1 of them was there with me this morning
    Andrei Kirilenko: 1/1
    Kirilenko once again stopped to sign and gave me his full signature without asking. Every story I hear about him makes me like him more and more. He is such an awesome guy always willing to stop and sign autographs
    Greg Stiemsma: 1/1
    I was pleasantly surprised when he stopped to sign. I saw a Timberwolves reporter tweet today that Stiemsma was happy the PA announcer would be announcing Packers-Vikings updates during the Wolves game because he is a Packers fan. So after he signed I said go Packers and he smiled and laughed and said Yeah and then said Don't say that too loud hahaha. I don't care who wins but I was just trying to build some rapport with him

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    Yesterday brought 3 TTM returns. I was too busy yesterday to post. Unfortunately no returns came today.

    Ryan Tatusko: 2/2 c/o home
    Out: 11/16 In: 1/7
    I like this return because I arrived back from the holidays to a letter from his mom apologizing for it taking so long. She said he was in Puerto Rico at winter ball and she was going to have him sign them when he was home for Christmas. She wanted to reassure me they weren't lost and felt bad it took so long. It was a kind gesture I appreciated. I follow him on Twitter and knew he was away at winter ball so I knew if I was going to get a return it was going to be a bit of a wait but it wasn't bad at all.

    President Jimmy Carter: 1/1
    Out: 10/12 In: 1/7
    I had heard he had stopped signing TTM but took a shot in the dark. I was ecstatic to open this and pull out this amazing photo. I was not alive during his presidency, but as someone who rigorously studies the history and current events of the Middle East I truly admire all of the great work he has done. Plus I'm a strong Democrat so I'm a fan. Fun fact: He visited Fulton, IL where my mom grew up when he was president and he kissed my mom on the cheek!
    Bradley Suttle: 1/1 c/o home
    Out: 12/20 In: 1/7
    Found his home address and sent this card to him. I have long had my eye on getting this dual Texas Longhorns card signed by both Suttle and Cat Osterman. Glad to get him. I will be sending more cards his way now that I know the address I found is a working address

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    Tonight was another night of graphing the hometown Timberwolves. As usual I graphed them outside driving into the arena and again inside during warmups.

    JJ Barea: 2/2 16x20s
    I knocked out the last 2 16x20s I had of Barea. He saw them and he was like "whoa these are big ones." Held back laughing seeing as he signed 4 for me on Saturday ha! I told him I was excited to see him sign up with egraphs and I would have to get one soon. He smiled and said "yeah they just called me the other day." Personally I think egraphs is the dumbest new fad in this hobby but thought I'd let him know I pay attention to his tweets haha. And I honestly will probably get one from him just for that personalized voice message that comes with. That man's voice makes me melt haha

    Luke Ridnour: 4/4 (2/2 8x10s, 2/2 cards)
    Special thanks to Autofreak2842 for getting the cards signed!

    Nikola Pekovic: 5/5 (1/1 8x10, 4/4 cards)
    Again thanks Autofreak for getting 2 cards signed

    TR Dunn: 1/1
    Shawn Respert: 2/2
    Always an extremely nice guy always willing to sign
    Greg Stiemsma: 1/1
    Dante Cunningham: 3/3

    Lou Amundson: 2/2
    Thanks Autofreak for getting the white background photo signed

    Derrick Williams: 1/1
    Alexey Shved: 1/1
    Andrei Kirilenko: 1/1
    1 of the top 10 nicest guys in the NBA. Anyone who plans on graphing the Wolves should definitely get stuff for Kirilenko!

    Ricky Rubio: 1/1

    Team Sheet: Added Coach Bill Bayno and Alexey Shved

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    As always, phenomenal Wolves stuff! I think that Suttle/Osterman will look sweet. Also, that basketball by Kirlenko is such a sweet autograph to add to any collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clryan5 View Post
    Today I received my first autographs of 2013. I am trying to get 2,013 autographs in 2013-combining TTM and IP. I haven't figured out my goals yet for IP & TTM but plan on doing that now that I have opened all of my mail from being away for the holidays. Right now my goal is to get 150 Pat Neshek autographs since I purchased a 119 card lot of his on ebay in September and still have about 100 to get signed. I always want to get 75 JJ Barea autographs. Seeing as I get about 3 per game I don't think this will be a problem.

    So my first autograph of 2013 is....

    Adam Greenberg: 4/4 c/o home
    Out: 11/16 In: 1/2
    I love this return!! He is such an inspiration to me because I was watching that game where he got hit in the head and for him to keep persevering to make a comeback is admirable. I always cheer for athletes trying to make a comeback from concussions because I have dealt with post-concussion symptoms on many occasions. I was very excited to see him get a chance with the Orioles for this coming season!

    I really love the greenberg! What an amazing story he has and how he finally got his major league at bat. Keep up the great successes! :)
    Hidden Content
    Collecting Michael Pineda, Kyle Seager and Carlos Delgado

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    Thanks!! It is a great story and I hope he is able to make the Orioles roster!

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    Today brought an unbelievable TTM return from a future star.

    Sydney Leroux: 1/1
    Out: 10/12 In: 1/9
    I really think Leroux is going to become a star for the USWNT. She is my 3rd favorite player on the team with #1 being Hope Solo and #2 being Carli Lloyd. I love watching her play and I'm so excited to get a return from her! I will definitely send to her again in the near future!

    And it is complete BS nobody made the Baseball Hall of Fame today. Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio should've gotten in. The BBWAA is a disgrace!

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    I agree! Biggio is my fav' MLB player in history. I have hundreds of cards of him. And may I say u have a nice collection yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gojacks View Post
    I agree! Biggio is my fav' MLB player in history. I have hundreds of cards of him. And may I say u have a nice collection yourself.
    Thanks! Only Biggio, Pete Rose, and Rafael Palmeiro have not been elected first ballot with 3,000+ hits. That is a slap in the face and disservice to Biggio's career to put him in that group. And the proof to me that Bagwell didn't do PEDs is the fact that he retired early because of a bad shoulder, when steroids could've saved his career. He will always be my all-time favorite player and I will defend him vigorously because there is no proof and these unqualified writers/voters are dragging clean players' names through the mud to make a name for themselves

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