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Thread: CLRyan5's Success Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by awz50 View Post
    Great Job with the wolves as always! Love the Pence photo must say its pretty freaking beast.
    haha thanks! I've had my eye on it for a long time and the seller accepted my low offer so I was pumped

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    Hey everyone. No autographs today but I got an email saying someone tried to send me a private message but my inbox was full. To whomever sent it, I'm sorry for the inconvenience; my inbox is now empty so you may re-message me. Thanks!

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    This weekend was a pretty good weekend of graphing here in the Twin Cities. I attended the Minnesota Gophers-Indiana St Sycamores game on Friday night with a premiere matchup between expected top 5 pick Sean Manaea and late 1st round pick Tom Windle. Then I graphed the Wolves driving inside this afternoon. I'm still undecided about graphing them after.

    TTM Success:
    Danny Hultzen: 2/2 c/o Mariners Spring Training
    Out: 3/4 In: 3/15
    Bobblehead Pickup:
    I recently acquired Hunter Pence and Roy Oswalt bobbleheads from the 2008 Houston Astros bobblehead set to complete that year's set

    Gophers-Sycamores Game
    Friday night I went to the Gophers-Sycamores game at the Metrodome to check out the pitching matchup between Sean Manaea and Tom Windle.

    Sean Manaea: 5/5
    He was a great guy; he was very nice and happy to sign so many items for me
    Items signed: ROMLB, Indiana State hat, 3 custom cards from RockiesFan

    Then I went to the Gophers side to get some more custom cards signed. These cards are so sick Brian! The players loved them!

    Andy Henkemeyer: 2/2
    DJ Snelten: 2/2
    Dan Olinger: 2/2
    Tom Windle: 2/2

    And then this afternoon I headed down to the Target Center to graph the Wolves driving in. I've never seen it so crazy down there. There were over 25 people! It really sucked but I still managed to do well

    Alexey Shved: 2/2

    Nikola Pekovic: 1/1, my last photo until my 16x20s come in tomorrow
    Chase Budinger: 1/1
    Like I said, it was crazy down there so I didn't wanna ask him to sign more than 1 since he was kind enough to stop at all
    JJ Barea: 4/4
    He was nice enough to sign for me, but he wasn't in the greatest mood. He did not say anything to me so I hope I haven't worn him out signing so much for me, especially since I have 6 more 16x20s on their way tomorrow haha. A friend got the 2 in blue signed for me in exchange for giving him some unsigned Kevin Love photos.

    Ricky Rubio: 1/1 Jersey
    Love how this turned out! Finally got some jerseys signed by Wolves not named JJ Barea haha

    Andrei Kirilenko: 1/1
    Another fantastic jersey success

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    I tried the Wolves after the game tonight. I wasn't sure how it'd go since they're flying to Memphis tonight but gave it a try. It was pretty decent considering postgame isn't usually the best.

    Andrei Kirilenko: 1/1 16x20
    I previously got this signed but I didn't properly prep my paint pen so it didn't show up well. I am pleased with how it turned out second time around. I was glad to get my last 16x20 signed by him before my next batch comes in tomorrow that I can start on next Sunday at shootaround and before the game before going home to Iowa for a week for Spring Break and Easter

    Derrick Williams: 1/1 16x20
    Another 16x20 I got redone after he didn't sign in a good spot before
    Mickael Gelabale: 1/1 8x10
    Got my last 8x10 done for him; another photo I had to get redone after not turning out well. I've got a 16x20 coming for him and that's it for the season

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    Wow you nailed it tonight. I only graphed inside and was only able to snag a Donte Cunningham because they were super late opening the gates. I only went to try and get Anthony Davis but he was not going to sign no matter what!

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    Yeah, you certainly nailed it... I love those Manaea's and I can not wait to get my hands on some items of his to send him. What an impressive haul of autographs that you landed for your collection. I must say, those jerseys are really sweet too!!! Congrats on the impressive collection pieces.
    -2012-present Bowman Chrome first year baseball stuff.
    -Football Semistar-Star Finest, Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome, Platinum RCs and Refractors
    -Always interested in buying via Paypal lots of stuff I collect or star refractor lots in baseball and football.

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    Very nice collection,Love the Rubio jersey
    "Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here". Jack Nicholson
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    Quote Originally Posted by ILLRIMESAYA View Post
    Yeah, you certainly nailed it... I love those Manaea's and I can not wait to get my hands on some items of his to send him. What an impressive haul of autographs that you landed for your collection. I must say, those jerseys are really sweet too!!! Congrats on the impressive collection pieces.
    Thanks!! He was really nice!

    Quote Originally Posted by RockiesFan33 View Post
    The cards look great signed! Congrats!
    Thanks! The players were really impressed

    Quote Originally Posted by ajcorleone View Post
    Very nice collection,Love the Rubio jersey
    Yeah I love how the jerseys turned out. Might have to do more if I can continue finding them for cheap prices

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    Today brought an absolutely amazing TTM return from the best actress in Hollywood!!! Just when I was getting down due to a lack of Spring Training returns, this came and just made my day!! It ranks as the 2nd best TTM return ever for me, right behind Channing Tatum!

    Jessica Chastain: 3/3 c/o Broadway (Address No Longer Valid)
    Out: 1/15 In: 3/18
    She recently posted on her Facebook page that she signed and returned all of the photos she received while performing on Broadway before leaving for Europe and thanked all of her fans for their support. I am blown away that she signed all 3. They turned out amazing! Zero Dark Thirty is my all-time favorite movie and no way should Jennifer Lawrence have won the Oscar over Chastain!

    And my other piece of mail today made me laugh. I won a Jessica Chastain autographed 11x14 on ebay for $10 before she posted that message on Facebook. So look what came today as well haha!

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