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Thread: CLRyan5's Success Thread

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    Well today I finished my last midterm and officially began Spring Break. Couldn't think of a better way to start Spring Break than with a night of graphing. I headed to the Metrodome to see the Gophers play the Texas Longhorns. As a Houston, Texas native, I've liked the Longhorns for as long as I've followed sports. I haven't paid attention to their football team lately but have followed their softball team; I thought it would be fun to check out the baseball team tonight. I especially wanted to see freshman CJ Hinojosa, since he was drafted by the Astros last June but didn't sign.

    Texas Longhorns:

    Augie Garrido: 1/1
    He was interesting, to say the least. He's not a real warm guy; I asked him to sign and he sighed and came over. He asked me where I got the card and I said a friend made it for me. He signed it and gave it back without a word. Still, I'm happy to get a coach like him. He's a legend but I am not a fan of how he ruins young pitchers' arms. He doesn't manage innings or pitch counts well at all, in my opinion, and I'm not alone in having that opinion
    CJ Hinojosa: 9/9
    He was a very cool kid. I told him I wished he had signed with the Astros last summer but understood why (he wanted first round pick money which is why he fell so far in the draft). He said it just wasn't the right situation for him and his family at that point in time. I told him I'm sure he'll be drafted again and he said yeah that's the plan. The kid has the arrogance and swagger to get him through tough stretches. He was flashy at shortstop during BP but made some impressive plays! He signed a Longhorns hat, along with 7 team USA cards, and a team USA jersey card
    Parker French: 3/3
    I sat through almost an hour of BP waiting for him to come by to no avail. He was catching for a coach hitting grounders to infielders. After BP I called for him in the dugout, but he didn't hear me. Finally, what looked like a senior came by to grab his bag and I asked him if he could possibly send French over. He was happy to! French was a cool kid

    Minnesota Golden Gophers:

    Tom Windle: 3/3
    He was happier to sign for me this week. I was a little nervous to ask since he was interrupting his pregame warmup for me, and I never liked that as a pitcher either, but he was very nice. I could only find 2 images to work for 8x10s so I got 2 copies of the nice Gopher photo

    DJ Snelten: 3/3
    I honestly can't believe these didn't all smear to hell. I handed him the 3 photos on top of my binder to give him a flat surface to sign on and he signed 1 then put it on the bottom of the pile. To my amazement none of them smeared thank god! He's a cool guy and hasn't had a problem at all signing for me

    Andy Henkemeyer: 2/2
    They look better in person. I contemplated blue or gold and went with blue

    Dan Olinger: 2/2
    Finally, I got Olinger to finish up my photos, but not before a nearly unbelievably embarrassing moment. He was walking over near me in the dugout, so I stood up in the stands and about called his name when he turned his back and dropped his pants to tuck his jersey in. I would have been mortified if I hadn't caught myself from yelling his name in time hahaha

    I am now just 2 autographs away from 700!!!!! I should definitely get my goal of 2,013 for 2013!

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    Cool! I love the Hinojosas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gojacks View Post
    Cool! I love the Hinojosas!
    Thanks! Thought you'd like those! He'll definitely be drafted again once he's eligible after his junior yr

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    Today brought 2 amazing returns from my favorite Astro Brandon Barnes! It was my last mail day before going home to Iowa for a week for Spring Break! I thought he was done signing TTM after not getting anything back after I sent to him in June last year. I love how these customs turned out!

    Brandon Barnes: 5/5
    Out: 2/19 In: 3/23
    Brandon Barnes: 6/6
    Out: 3/4 In: 3/23
    And here are all 7 of my customs from Rockiesfan! Thanks Brian!

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    Phenomenal stuff!
    -2012-present Bowman Chrome first year baseball stuff.
    -Football Semistar-Star Finest, Topps Chrome, Bowman Chrome, Platinum RCs and Refractors
    -Always interested in buying via Paypal lots of stuff I collect or star refractor lots in baseball and football.

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    You know I love seeing your Astros returns! Nice Barnes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ILLRIMESAYA View Post
    Phenomenal stuff!

    Quote Originally Posted by gojacks View Post
    You know I love seeing your Astros returns! Nice Barnes!
    Haha yeah! Barnes is my favorite

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    Well this evening I am going home to Iowa for the week for Spring Break, but not before I was able to graph the Wolves before tonight's game against the Bulls. It was a really good day of graphing. I only walked home with 1 unsigned 16x20!

    Mickael Gelabale: 1/1 16x20
    I asked him if he could sign in the top right where it was black. He was happy to and it turned out great. He gives a longer and nicer signature outside, so I was happy to get his nice signature on a premium item like a 16x20
    Ricky Rubio: 1/1 16x20
    This 16x20 turned out so amazing in gold! I absolutely love the Muskies images from last season
    Nikola Pekovic: 1/1 16x20
    Alexey Shved: 1/1 16x20
    When he was walking over and saw this he said that's a good look, referring to my photo
    JJ Barea: 1/1 16x20
    I gave JJ a 16x20 of the blacked out celebrating photo where his arms are in the air that I have previously gotten signed as a thank you for signing so frequently for me. He said thanks, then signed for me, then once he was done signing for everyone before driving in he smiled at me and said thanks again. He really loved it
    Andrei Kirilenko: 1/1 16x20
    I gave him an 8x10 of the grayed out Russia photo I previously got signed. I thought I had included it in my most recent 16x20 order so I could only give a 16
    Chase Budinger: 1/1 16x20
    I also gave him a 16x20 of the blacked out dunk contest photo I previously got signed as a thank you for signing so much for me
    And finally...
    Yesterday I finally got around to hanging up some floating shelves I got from Ikea in my living room. Because of the shelves I had to redo all of the decor hanging on that wall. So I took the opportunity to completely redo the wall and here is what I came up with. It looks really amazing! I love how well the 16x20s stand out when hanging them

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    You got some great looking graphs on those billboards (LOL - that's what I call the 16x20s). Your wall looks amazing - good job lighting up the Wolves this year!
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