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    I wanted to go last year, but we had a busy tournament week at the golf course, so I couldn't make it. I will have to check this year as I would like to come down for at least the weekend.

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    I'll be there Saturday most likely, live about 30 minutes from it....
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    I might go. Would be my 4th year in a row.

    Will for sure go to Cleveland in 2013.
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    I will be there 45 minute drive for me. This will be my first and last for a while untill it comes back to Baltimore. Hopefully will pick up some freddie freeman, Craig kimbrel or vintage rcs while im there

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    Tony will have his FOTW Again lol, I would love to go if I can. I wish they came closer to California for this show. Daniel
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    im 10 minutes away.. i will be present...
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    Will be present most likely. A 10 hour drive for me but have family in Virginia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steven_morgan View Post
    I am going to try to make it this year. I just used half of my vacation days on my trip to California. Its possible that I can make it though.

    I could sure use some help on hotel rooms.. Never been up that way before.
    PM sent.


    Quote Originally Posted by 73ToppsMann View Post
    I'm hoping to attend. It would be my first - every year, there's always been a training event that I can't avoid. Looks like this year will be clear for me to go, though!

    I collect vintage (1960-1980) Baseball, so I'm hoping to find a few things there for my collection.
    If you like vintage baseball it will be a dream as there so much of it there.

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