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Thread: Updated Want List!

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    Another batch of cards removed from the list! Anyone else out there who can help shorten my lists even more?

    Prefer to trade base for base.

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    A pre-Toronto Spring Sports Card and Memorabilia Expo update to my lists. Making some progress on my lists, hoping some more help might be out there for me!

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    An Expo attended and a couple of trades complete makes for a small list of stuff to chase. Three sets gone for good, can anyone help me remove some more?

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    A few more cards gone from the list. Any help out there for me today?

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    First update of the list for June. Anything out there for me?

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    A few more knocked off the list since the last bump. Sets with 5 cards or less remaining are a top priority for me!

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    More cards removed, Masterpieces 5x7's added. What have you got for me tonight?

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    Picked up a few more cards from the want lists. Let me know if you have anything I still need.

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    More cards removed. Let me know if you have anything I need.

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