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Thread: My best steal off of eBay!

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    My best steal off of eBay!

    I will officially claim this to be my best buy off of eBay for the price... It had an opening price of $1 an $5.99 for shipping... I was the only bidder maybe because they listed it in a photograph section on eBay vs any memorabilia or autograph section.
    This photograph is personalized to the photographer listed on the back of the picture. The size is apron 7x9.

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    Nope... It's a sports photographers photo personalized to the actual photographer who took the photo...

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    Quote Originally Posted by redwings1123lab View Post
    id get that authenticated and sealed asap!!
    I wouldn't be able to put it in my Baseball HOF binder then.
    I'm not a fan of encased autographs.

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