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Thread: New Tradelist!!! Must Look!!

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    New Tradelist!!! Must Look!!

    for trade or sell!!! i am asking for autos and i would place a premium or i would like anybody in my sig especially edge james, manning, freeney, or dallas clark...would also take michael bennett, ladanion tomilson, or i would take a look at your 2003 football stuff.....lmk what u have....thanks alot, -ben...:
    william green 2002 topps pristine nfl rebok rookie premiere jersey
    fredie milons 2002 topps debut senior bowl jersey 3 color patch
    terrence edwards 2003 topps chrome gold refractor
    2002 bowman gold eric crouch /50
    warren sapp 2002 leaf certified century jersey 14/21!!
    david garrard topps pristine refractor uncirculated /199
    terrence edwards 2003 topps draft picks colegiate cuts jersey
    corey dillion 2002 fleer premium all pro tram patches 2 color hand numbered /100
    david boston 2002 fleer premium all pro team jerseys
    patrick ramsey 2002 girdion kings black border rookie 038/100!!
    joey harrington 2002 girdion kings rookie
    jerermy shockey 2002 leaf rookies and stars rookie
    herman moore 2000 upper deck jersey 1:287 packs!!!
    talman gardner 2003 topps chrome rookie
    Lebrandon Toefeild 2003 topps chrome rookie
    albert haynesworth 2002 bowman chrome x-fractor /250
    bennie joppru 2003 topps chrome rookie
    quinton jammer 2002 spx rookie /1500
    thats it for now...let me know what ya like!

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    i have a troy walters 99 rc autographics i would trade you for any jersey you have there


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