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Thread: Lizard-JD IP & TTM Requests

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riggs View Post
    very nice returns, just sent to Lou Hudson last week. yours turned out great.
    Thank you, Rick! Yeah, I think Lou may have liked the CIC - he seems like a good signer. Notice on TTMM that I sent to a different addy than Cory for mine...

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    Had a couple TTMs "trickle" in this week.

    Tim Harris, signed my 8x10 & sent one of his signed too.

    This is the one Mr. Harris sent.

    Brian Billick, signed 2 CICs & a SB 8x10 (I'll scan after I get a few more sigs).

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    TTMs for the week:

    Steve Spurrier, asked the "Ole Ballcoach" a question which he didn't answer but sent a personalized IC.

    George Andrie, signed 2 CICs (+$5).

    Larry Cole, signed 2 CICs & IC.

    Louis Lipps, signed 2 CICs (+$5) & wrote weird note about signing photo paper...

    Kirk Cousins, personalized 2 CICs. Shocked by such a quick return.

    Bob Hurley, Sr. - signed 2 CICS.

    Richard Petty, the best graph in the business on an 8x10.

    Burt Hooten, signed 2 CICs.

    Pete Rose, couldn't resist buying from Insider Sports even though I have several TTMs from him. When are they finally going to put "the most hits record holder in the HOF"?
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    nice stuff as usual. wonder what the bad experience was?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riggs View Post
    nice stuff as usual. wonder what the bad experience was?
    Thanks, Rick. I really don't know why he wrote that. How else would he sign and 8x10? Maybe it was the blank area of the card that he was noting - there's guys that don't sign a blank IC because of that...
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    TTMs kind of piling up...

    Julius Peppers, signed 2 CICs in 5 months. LOL - looks like everybody got theirs today...

    Rick Volk, signed two 8x10s and wrote a nice note on LOR & signed that too. I have already sent the 2nd 8x10 to get signed by others...

    Keith Lincoln, signed my CIC, kept the one offered & signed an IC.

    Don Bosseler, signed 2 CICs & IC. One of the first decorated (CHOF) UM players - still lives in Miami

    Gus Triandos, signed two 8x10s - took a while.

    Bobby Shantz, signed an 8x10 (already off for others to sign), CIC (he kept the one offered), an IC & answered some new questions I sent him. I write him (and ElRoy Face) at least once a year - great guy!

    In about a week I will start my favorite time of year by going to get my IP graphs for ST at Marlins & Cardinals field in Jupiter!

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    Love the Triandos. That picture of him with the regular glove and knuckleball glove is great.

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    The shantz is great! He has always been a true friend to the hobby
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    love the Gus Triandos return. Going to throw a request his way. Great returns as always.

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    Love the Peppers in a b-ball uniform.

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