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Thread: Lizard-JD IP & TTM Requests

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    Quote Originally Posted by awz50 View Post
    Great job on Yadi! Cant wait to see all the other success.
    Thank you! Below is another one I got today...
    IP at RDS:

    Yadier Molina, signed a new and nicest 8x10 I have of his. Geeez, I couldn't even get him once last ST...

    Tyrell Jenkins, signed a Cards logo (I'll scan after I add more graphs). Has a very cool looking Camero.

    Justin Nicolino, signed 8x10 & took pictures with him.

    Jose Fernandez, signed 8x10 & took pictures with him.

    Rob Brantly, signed 8x10 & took pictures with him.

    TTMs so far this week:

    Failure, Joe Namath for 2nd time. Tried to mess with him this time by using his initials & it took a couple days longer for him to send back the RTS - LOL!!!!

    Dirk Nowitzki,
    signed a CIC. Probably the biggest sports name yet the best of the pro signers in sports (even quicker than Josh Hamilton!).

    Chad Hennings, the CFHOF signed 2 CICs.

    Bobby Boyd, signed 2 CICs, an IC & multi-player 8x10.

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    All those 8x10s look killer! Love the Molina. Nice Nowitzki too. That's one of the better examples of his sig that I've seen TTM.

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    Love those Yadi's...let me know when u get too many...I'll help take some off your hands!

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    Very nice early ST pick ups
    89' Topps %99.62 (789/792)
    09' Topps (423/660)

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    I sent out a few to ST already. Fingers crossed. Congrats on Yadi!
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    Thank you for all the great comments about my IP "pre-Spring Training" successes!

    TTMs today:

    Calling it a Failure but... Marv Fleming, didn't sign my CICs, returned my $5, my SASE, in "his own" stamped hand written envelope & included a price list (wants $20!). However, on the IC he wrote the note below & signed it - very weird. Maybe the fact I mispelled (whoops!) his last name on the card? What would you call this?

    Dick LeBeau, signed 2 CICs & IC - great TTM'er.

    Billy Pierce, signed CIC, kept his & wrote me a TY for the extra CIC (signed the back).

    Bob Addis, signed 2 CICs - had a short MLB career.

    Kenny Sailors, (CBHOF) signed 2 CICs & 2 ICs. He is credited with inventing/popularizing the "jump shot" in basketball during his college career - he is now 91 years old.
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    That Lebeau custom is a thing of beauty...interesting return from Fleming. Maybe send him a handful of customs back telling him where you got the photo without sending any cash?
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    I sent to Fleming as well. I think he may not have signed the card b/c of the fee. I know when he signed my custom he asked for one and it only cost me 10 not 20.
    Guess his cost went up. Good luck if sending back,.

    I would say it was a semi success as you got his auto but not on the card so good but not what you wanted exactly.
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