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Thread: Autofreak2842's 2012 IP Thread

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    Autofreak2842's 2012 IP Thread

    Well I FINALLY got my 1st IP opportunity of the year, after having a few slip away. It didn't go as well as planned, but hopefully it'll be a stepping stone, for the rest of the year.

    I went to graph the Mavs at their hotel. It was me, 5 dealers and 1 dealer's daughter (used as a decoy I assume). Before I start listing how it went I'd like to state it was 5 degrees (without windchill), kinda of windy, cloudy (sun is just peaking out now), and light flurries. Now here's how it went:

    Brandan Wright 1/1 card (was really cool, only I needed him and he waited a minutes while I got my card out of the sleeve. was unprepared because I didn't recognize him and was freezing)
    Vince Carter 0/3 cards (ignored)
    Yi Jianlian 0/1 card (ignored)
    Dirk 0/2 (looked over at the 7 of us and said "not now" as he booked it onto the bus)
    Shawn Marion 0/3 (ignored)
    Jason Terry 0/1 (ignored)

    That's all I needed/wanted/had stuff for. Rick Carlisle and Brian Cardinal also signed, but I didn't need them. Everyone else not mention, also ignored and booked it onto the bus.

    I think weather played a role, in the outcome of this graphing "trip".

    I've got the Swarm game tonight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lambeauleap87 View Post
    Ditch the silver Sharpies, pick up a pack of these:

    They carry them at Target; thank me later.
    Haha All right, I'll go pick up a Friday morning before I go to the game. Let you know how I like them.

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    That will get you a blue marker as well, which might look better on those cards. But we all have our own personal preferences :)
    My collecting habits are continually changing. Right now focusing on ABA basketball and TTM autos. Always looking for lots of 70's basketball cards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadshot View Post
    That will get you a blue marker as well, which might look better on those cards. But we all have our own personal preferences :)
    Most of my cards are in Blue, but since those ones had darker backrounds, I thought the silver would look better. The Roy's turned out pretty good. Pictures are crap though cause 1. I take them on my phone and 2. There is poor lighting in my house. Haha

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    Didn't get to graph home opener....Went to the Wolves game tonight and met up with Colleen (Clryan5) at the Wolves garage. Here's how it went:

    Got off work at 3, Got to MOA at 3:37, train left MOA at 3:43 Train arrived at Target Center around 4:20. I had missed Roy, but I guess he didn't sign. Will Conroy was walking in as I arrived, but it was a little too late. Anyways outside we got:
    Alexey Shved (Really nice. His brother dropped him off and sat there for a couple minutes taking pics of him signing for everyone. Lol) floorboard
    Nikola Pekovic (Not as friendly as I hoped, still glad he signed, great player) card
    AK47 (Very friendly. Great player too. Glad to add him to my collection. He is killing it on my fantasy team) floorboard
    Derrick Williams (Not personally a fan of him, but I had him sign a Wolves hat) hat
    Then while we were waiting for more Wolves players to show up a few Bobcats players walked over from the hotel. Only one I recognized was Bismack Biyombo. So I got him to sign a card.

    We then went inside and split up for a bit. I went over to the Bobcats to get my favorite CBB player from the 2010-11 season, Kemba Walker. He came off early and went to the other side, I went over there and got him, but he put the sharpie on top of the card (where he signed it) and then handed them back. So the "W" in Waker is smeared badly. :( Oh well, after that I was upset and didn't even bother trying to get Ramon Sessions and Gerald Henderson. I went over to the Wolves side and met back up with Colleen. Over there I got:
    Lou Amundson (Kind of a prick, wouldn't sign Colleen's 2nd pic) floorboard
    Assistant Coach Shawn Respert on a floorboard
    Luke Ridnour (signed it with his black sharpie), Daunte Cunningham, JJ Barea and Greg Stiesma on cards. The Barea card smeared a bit, too (it was a rough night with smearing for us). It's not real bad, though. Rubio didn't sign (large crowd still waiting), Budinger didn't come and we didn't bother waiting for K Love knowing it was gonna be a long wait and/or he wasn't gonna sign with the large crowd still around. Smart phone is busted, so no pics right now, but I will try to get some up tomorrow.

    P.S. Those markers work great Lambeauleap87. Thanks for the heads up!

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    Here are the pics:



    Sorry for the bluriness.

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    Nice stuff, love the Biyombo! Glad to know you like the markers, as well...
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    we should all give it up to the best ip thread and make best ip collection?
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    looking for these basketball sets!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennelson55 View Post
    we should all give it up to the best ip thread and make best ip collection?
    Haha Thanks! That's very humbling. It may be awhile (not too long, I'll go crazy) before my next report. I'm going to a Gophers/Hawkeyes bball game in Iowa in February, then Chicago the next weekend (Brother's lacrosse try outs), then in May I'm going to Philly for the NCAA lax Final 4, then finishing off the year with a Gators/Mizzou game in Missouri. So I'm being super stingy with my money in the last week and will be for awhile. It will probably kill my overall successes for 2013, but if any of them are 1/2 as good as Phoenix was this year, they will bring in some more great IP successes. I'm trying to find out what hotel the Gophers are staying at in Iowa, but of course they won't email me back, so if anyone has an inside scoop, Please DM and I will return the favor. I have a hunch, but I don't wanna book it till I know.

    Still plan on going to Wolves games and free signings and stuff in the area, but not as much as recently. Thanks for reading, as always!

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    Nothing lately, but I do have something planned. Unless something comes up at last minute (I hope something does) and I have an IP chance sooner, my next IP chance is gonna be Dec. 8th. I'mgonna go to the "Breakdown Tip Off Classic" which is a HS basketball "tournament" with all the top teams and players in the state. So why would I go graph this? Minnesota HS bball is nothing, right? Here are some of the players in it.
    Anders Broman (expected to win Mr.Basketball in MN this year; Scored 71 points in a game last year; I collect Minnesota Mr.Basketball winners)
    Graham Woodward (The other front runner for Mr.Basketball this year)
    Rashad Vaughn ( That should say enough)
    And of course the main reason to go... Tyus Jones ( Wanna expand my collection of him. I've got some customs and a professional 8X10 to get)

    I probably will only get Tyus if possible, this time. But will be watching Vaughn (def gonna get him) and Broman later (probably will wait till summer ball just incase Woodward sneaks in and takes the Mr.Basketball award. The tourney also has players going to Utah State, UND, SDSU and other D1 schools, plus a bunch of consistant top teams like Hopkins and Osseo. Anyways stay tuned. It should be fun.
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    Went to the Tip Off Classic today. Overall great event. Lots of great players and teams, very well put together and run. Went to get 2014 HS National #1 player Tyus Jones, who plays for Apple Valley, where I live. Didn't end up getting him, he never came back out to the court after his team (who was #1 in the state) was upset 72-70. But I did snag a couple of unplanned ones on idex cards. MSHSL All time leading scorer to be Anders Broman and John Calipari...Yes the John Calipari who coaches Kentucky. Here's the proof:

    More details and pics tomorrow. It was a long day and I am exhausted. Haha

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