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Thread: Autofreak2842's 2012 IP Thread

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    Autofreak2842's 2012 IP Thread

    Well I FINALLY got my 1st IP opportunity of the year, after having a few slip away. It didn't go as well as planned, but hopefully it'll be a stepping stone, for the rest of the year.

    I went to graph the Mavs at their hotel. It was me, 5 dealers and 1 dealer's daughter (used as a decoy I assume). Before I start listing how it went I'd like to state it was 5 degrees (without windchill), kinda of windy, cloudy (sun is just peaking out now), and light flurries. Now here's how it went:

    Brandan Wright 1/1 card (was really cool, only I needed him and he waited a minutes while I got my card out of the sleeve. was unprepared because I didn't recognize him and was freezing)
    Vince Carter 0/3 cards (ignored)
    Yi Jianlian 0/1 card (ignored)
    Dirk 0/2 (looked over at the 7 of us and said "not now" as he booked it onto the bus)
    Shawn Marion 0/3 (ignored)
    Jason Terry 0/1 (ignored)

    That's all I needed/wanted/had stuff for. Rick Carlisle and Brian Cardinal also signed, but I didn't need them. Everyone else not mention, also ignored and booked it onto the bus.

    I think weather played a role, in the outcome of this graphing "trip".

    I've got the Swarm game tonight.
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    Alrighty. Little story about yesterday.

    Anders Broman plays for Lakeview Christian Academy in Duluth. He was averaging 50 points a game coming into yesterday. Lakeview is class 1A and they are ranked #4 in their class. They were playing the #3 team in 3A, which is two levels higher than them. He was on pace to break the all time state scoring record on Dec. 20th, which will be the earliest it will ever be broken. He really struggled. He was getting instantly triple teamed and was held to 0 in the 1st half. His younger brother dropped 20 in the half though, so they had to take focus off of him and he still scored a respectable 20 in the 2nd half.

    After his game, I saw his team come out and he went to the bleachers on the other side of the court and hung out with family for a bit. I didn't have a pic or anything for him, but brought a lot of index cards. Him and his brother came over to our side and I made my move. He signed for me. He was really nice. I talked to him or a bit and told him that if he won Mr. Basketball I'd have to get him on a photo later cause I have a Mr. Basketball collection. He said that was really cool and that he'll plan on meeting up again at Howard Pulley this summer, if he wins. Then I thanked him and told him good game. He thanked me for the support, then I went back to my seats.

    Now for the humorous, yet tourturous story. Tyus Jones, #1 player in the nation. Seems to have a major college coach at every game of his. I have John Calipari's book, Bounce Back, and would love to get it signed. Had it in my bag that I brought yesterday. Took it out right before I left when I saw that Kentucky had a game at 11 am (CT). Well he somehow made it up for the game still. Anyways I got him after Tyus' game on an index card and a pic with. He was super nice. He signed and talked with fans during the half and for about 20 minutes after the game, there was a game after which I left during and he was still there. I told him that I had his book and he asked if I liked it, I said yeah and he said I should of brought it! I was like "Yeah, funny story, I actually had it in my bag and took it out when I saw you guys had a game today." And he kind of laughed and said "Well send it to my office and I'll make sure to sign it."

    Didn't get Tyus only saw him briefly after his team was upset, but I was on the other side of the court and before I could even get my stuff for him out of my bag, to make my move, he was gone. It's ok though cause I live a block away from his school and he's only a Jr. He'll be around. Haha All in all an ok day. Fun invitational.

    Next up is the Wolves game on Wednesday. Going for my favorite NBA player, Danilo Gallinari of the Denver Nuggets.

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    Came on to report, last night, commented on some other threads first and as soon as I got on my own my internet went down and still wasn't back up when I finally called it a night at 2 am. Anyways went to the Wolves game last night and met up with Clryan5 down by the garage again. Then I graphed the Nuggets inside, mainly trying to get my favorite player, Danilo Gallinari. Idk really why he is m favorite player, but he's just awesome. He has killed it the last two years on my fantasy team. Haha Anyways here's what I got:

    Andrei Kirilenko 1/1 photo:

    (Thanks to Colleen for selling me this photo and the following one to get signed)

    Alexey Shved 1/1 photo:

    Got Assistant coach T.R. Dunn on my floorboard:

    JJ Barea on a game program from a game I went to earlier this year 1/1:

    (This one was recieved inside)

    Cards of Ricky Rubio, Luke Ridnour, Nikola Pekovic, Evan Fournier (inside) and Quincy Miller (inside).

    Miller and Fournier were both super nice and signed for eveyone and even chatted with fans for a bit.

    Then, the grand daddy of them all for me last night, Danilo Gallinari 1/3 card:

    He was signing multiples but he came out late to warm up and he was the 2nd to last one off the court and was in a hurry so I was the considerate fan and only got 1 signed this time. Still super happy to add another one of my fantasy studs to my collection!

    Derrick Williams, Lou Amundson and Daunte Cunningham also signed outside for the Wolves, but I had nothing for them. I helped Colleen get multiples of Williams and Cunningham. Inside Terry Porter and Shawn Respert signed, but I didn't need them either. For the Nuggets Julyan Stone, Corey Brewer, Jordan Hamilton and Andre Iguodala signed, inside, but I had nothing for any of them. Didn't see Andre Miller, Kenneth Faried, Javale McGee, Wilson Chandler or Ty Lawson.Only had stuff for Faried and Miller. Didn't see George Karl inside either of course. And I had a card for Timofey Mozgov, but he skipped over me for some reason.

    Overall a decent night, it was solid. Good, but not great. Next up will probably be another crack at Tyus Jones at the AVHS home opener on Tuesday. I have tons of stuff for him.

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    Went to the AVHS home opener tonight. Good game Apple Valley rallied from like 14 down to win and they did it with out 2014 National #1 player, Tyus Jones. Tubby Smith was the only major coach in attendance tonight. Had an 8X10 of him that I had gotten for my upcoming trip to watch them in Iowa, but figured I'd get it tonight.

    Didn't see him the whole first half. Saw him right as halftime was ending (He was probably no more than 10 feet away from me the whole time. Haha Anyways after AV started their rally there was a timeout called with a little over 5 minutes left in the game, so I made my move. Went down to where he was and asked. He was in an empty spot with no one really around (It was surprisingly enough not a sellout tonight). He was his typical quiet, but nice Tubby Smith. He was in no way rude or anything, but it was loud and he seems like a quiet guy off the court. He wrote on my envelope to check the paint pen before signing. I thought that was cool, cause I have never had anyone do that before. He signed it, then I thanked him and he said you're welcome. Then I went back to my seat. I honestly couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out the photo really doesn't do it justice. I love the "Go Gophers!" inscription, too.

    Then after the game I waited for Tyus and got him on an 8X10:

    And on a magazine that has him named as the state's pre season player of the year, which I got last Saturday at the tip off classic:

    Those both turned out pretty solid, pics again don't do justice. Haha He was really friendly, again, as usual. Chatted for a bit. His injury doesn't seem to serious, which is good because he is so fun to watch and is such a great guy. Would hate to see him get hurt.

    I'm going back to get some customs on Friday. And hopefully I'll make it to one more Wolves game before this amazing 2012 ends. Hate to see it go.

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    Hey. Fellow grapher in MN and was lookin for a little help at graphing the Target Center. Wondering if you could give me some help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladwig5798 View Post
    Hey. Fellow grapher in MN and was lookin for a little help at graphing the Target Center. Wondering if you could give me some help?
    PM sent. Always willing to help.

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    Went to AVHS again to get Tyus 1 more time. Shouldn't need him on anything else for awhile, now. I brought 5 customs and decided to give 2 to him as a token of my appreciation for him always signing for me and being friendly, even though I can tell he sometimes isn't always in the mood. So before the game, I was sitting in the same spot I did last game and he came over to talk to someone right by me, after he was done I got his attention and showed him the customs and said he could have 2. He picked 2 of the 3 of him in his Howard Pulley (AAU team) uniform. Then he said he would sign the remaining 3 for me after the game.

    As expected he didn't play, but AV still won by like 15. After the game I waited a bit and talked to Tyus' mom and AAU coach, they both thought the customs were really cool. Then Tyus came out and I got him to sign my three. I offered him a couple of penny sleeves for the cards I gave him, but he said it was all good. Then I told him that I hope his back gets better soon, he said "Thanks." and I left.

    Tyus Jones 3/3 customs

    Next up will probably be the Timberwolves Shootout and Wolves game on January 5th, unless something else comes up before. I really hope it does too, cause I'm hating seeing 2012 wind down. It's been too fun and too good to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladwig5798 View Post
    What's the Wolves Shootout?

    A large High School bball tournament at the Target Centerhosted by the Timberwolves. It usually features many of the top teams andplayers in MN and the midwest. It used to be a huge deal, when they had the topplayers and teams from the nation in it. But they localized it a bit, about 4or 5 years ago. Probably to cut down on travel costs and maybe, because theWolves just weren't relevant for the longest time. The last few years it habeen MN teams, and 1 team from IA, WI, SD and ND. This year they have one ofthe top teams from KS coming in. There are also expected to be tons of highprofile D1 coaches there to watched the highly touted Tyus Jones vs Rashad Vaughnmatch up. Some coaches already named were Roy Williams, Bill Self and ScottDrew, along with "plenty others".

    The top players in it this year are:
    From MN- Anders Broman (SDSU commit, 7 points away frombreaking the all time state scoring record)
    Reid Travis (#44 on Rivals* in 2014)
    Tyus Jones (#1 player in the nation for 2014 according toESPNU rankings)
    Rashad Vaughn (#10 player in the nation for 2014- ESPNUrankings)
    Non MN- Matt Thomas (Iowa St. commit #55 on Rivals* for2013)
    Clayton Custer (#100 on Rivals* for 2014)
    Peter Jok (was a top 20 player nationally as a freshman; 2013 senior)

    * Rankings may have changed since the site I found them on was last updated.

    The match ups are:

    9 AM Lakview Christian Academy vs Onalaska (WI)
    11 AM DeLaSalle vs Blue Valley Northwest (KS)
    1 PM West Desmoines Valley (IA) vs Roseville
    3 PM Apple Valley vs Robinsdale Cooper

    Event is shorter this year, because the Wolves play Portland at the TC at 7 that night.

    Ticket info:

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