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    Garage Sale Hunting! Tips, Hints and Advice

    BEST FIND OF THE YEAR (2014): updated as the season goes on

    Andrewconnors9 - xbox generation 1, controller plus all cords - 25$

    So I know I'm not the only one who loves the start of garage sale season, so just looking for some info on things to really watch for at garage sales.

    I know the obvious ones, like silver, can produce a nice profit, but what else should u keep an eye for antique wise? Certain brand names, etc., types of cutlery, dishes, mugs, cups, bottles, whatever! any info helps

    THanks all! We can help each other out this way for sure!


    This site is great for info on authentication of old stuff. I found my info on Sevres bowl there. It is a great source. I have them bookmarked on my Android so I can quickly pull them up and look for info on old glass and porcelain if I am at a sale or auction.

    #1. FOR SILVER: (got this information off a forum for what to look for when you are hunting for silver items)

    - this is basically a guide for sterling silver:

    For Silver (tips on what’s real sterling silver):
    1)It is marked Sterling
    2) It is marked 925 (few exceptions such as 800 950 etc
    3) If it is not marked sterling, than it isn't sterling, plain and simple.
    4) If it has a felt bottom, it's not sterling
    5) If someone recently pulled a sticker off of it, it's not sterling
    6) If it's marked german silver, or nickel silver, it's not silver
    7) If it's after 1964 (coins) it's not silver
    8) If it has Chinese writing on it, it's probably not silver.
    9) If it's Pewter, it doesn't have any silver in it.
    10) If it's marked "Weighted" it is probably silver.

    #2. Old Porcelian (anything vintage looking)

    - duane1969 "The key to value on anything like porcelain or crystal is condition. Chips, cracks, scuffs, etc. all diminish value considerably"

    Certain Brands to watch for:

    - Sevres (1800's)


    #3. TOYS

    One website I found that gives a few easy to find toys that can turn small but quick profits (buying at 1 - 3$, selling for 20$+)

    #4. BOOKS

    One website I found that gives a few very valuable books to keep an eye for (1st editions of common books we all know)

    Top 100 most valuable books

    Courtesy theonedru:

    Here is a great site for books. It also has an online instant book appraiser where you enter the basic information and it can give you an approx low/high value for most books

    the main page

    Instant book appraiser


    Great site with some videos on different types of antiques to watch for at garage sales (cameras, vintage books, comics, costume jewellry, etc.)

    Another great site with LOTS of info on all various antique/collectible items

    #6. 80's WWF WRESTLING

    - I was told recently to keep your eyes open for anything WWF from the 80's or earlier. Can usually pick up cheap and easily swing for a few bucks. Alot of collectors of this stuff especially figurines. Even VHS are worth grabbing if you find them for 0.50$ - 1$.

    ****Some Very Useful Information from POLAMALU43FAVRE04

    I'm mainly looking for records and video games but have made good money with Mugs vintage dunkin' donuts travel mugs sell pretty good, also look for fire king (milk glass mugs) mainly the ones with ads on them (even if it's a local store's ad on it) they often sell for $100-200 unless they're common ones, as well as the green (jadite) ones. vintage electronics are great too (calculators, vintage sony stuff sells easily as well)

    there are some other milk glass companies (Federal, Glasbake etc..) but they don't sell as well as Fire-King, I pick them up anyway when I find some for $1 or less and will sell them in bulk some day.

    Can tell a Fire King from the bottom:

    In Exemple :

    a rarer fire king one :

    sony discman :

    vintage HP Calc.

    will let you guys know when I get good deals! and looking forward to reading you guys!

    edit : oh ya forgot about vintage heye puzzles and Puzz 3-D too

    here is one I had paid $1 and I recently sold for quite a good profit

    **Update from polamalu43favre04:

    just found out this morning that the Godfather 1902-1952 Complete Epic 3 VHS Box-Set is very valuable, I would have never picked that up even for $2 haha

    **Another update from polamalu43favre04:

    Something else to look for, vintage Levi's jeans (1971 and prior will usually have a big "E" in LEVI'S on the small red tag)

    this one has patches and stains and still sold well

    cardbuyer66 request for Vintage/Collectible Dolls:

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewconnors9 View Post
    Not a bad Saturday this week, will make a few bucks for sure.

    First was a sports cards garage sale, didnt end up buying any cards (a lot of 90s stuff overpriced), but picked up two different blue jays old cups from world series era and a long baseball poster from Eggo with all the jerseys from the 1800s to 90s. That cost me 3$, then he had piles of stacked magazines, pictures, posters, etc. all under the tables so I asked about it all and he said.... FREE. I backed the car in and took the works of everything. Tons of old Becketts, magazines, cereal boxes, posters of early 90s cards sets and more. Not a bad deal for 3$, especially when I found some nice PC stuff like two price guides with Gilmour on front, one of Andreychuk, and two of the same Tim Horton posters (about 8.5 x 23).

    This was fine and dandy for the start of the day, next stop I picked up:

    Old Cracker Jack tin (same as this one): b958

    unfortunately im missing the lid, but I like the baseball graphics on it, so its placed upon one of my shelves with other PC stuff. Cost 1$

    From this same garage sale I also picked up this very unique designed jewellry box, made of metal, has a small HK stamp on the back, gonna have to do a little research on this. Cost 1$

    On way out of this garage sale, I took a quick look through a record/lp box, picked up Pink Floyd - The Wall dual LP, Cost 1$; a little new jersey devils ceramic jersey decoration, cost 0.50$

    And last but def not least, last sale of the day on my way home, walked through and spotted TWO ti-83 graphing calculators, so when I asked I was expecting AT LEAST 20$ each for them (if anyone doesnt know these range from 80 - 100$) to buy in store), and she said 5$ each. Second hand on ebay these still sell consistently at 40 - 50$.

    Spent a total on Saturday of 16.50$. Calculators alone will bring in about 90$

    Not a bad day!

    Successfully sold one calculator for 60$dlvd can be seen on my eBay completed. On auction someone binned it :). Second one still going with some watchers

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    I have so much stuff I've picked up. Garage sale stuff, dumpster diving, freecycle message boards, stuff people put out for trash day. Having our own sale tomorrow. Hopefully we'll move a lot of stuff. I need to make room in my garage before it gets cold so I can park my truck... or fill up with more stuff.

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    lol. I've only been in a few and they aren't dumpster with garbage in them. More like construction dumpsters.

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    just sold my dreamcast and games that I picked up for $12. Got $99.

    Definitely winding down for the year. I was able to pick up another pacman plug and play for $1, 4 game boy color games for $25 each, and a gameboy advance SP for 25. No clue who chucks a game boy advance in a quarter box but I'll take it. I think it works, but need to wait for the power cord to come in to make sure. Got one for $3 on ebay.

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    Im gonna go through this thread and update everything to the first thread we should know about, ie. Like Wickabees pictures, and anythign else we came across. Calculators (not just my ti-83) but vintage ones are big collectible items i found out by simply searching ebay. Leave this thread sticky folks and throughout the winter we should add as much as possible to this thread to make that OP one hell of an awesome guide for us all to use for next season

    Can I get a MOD to Ok this to stay stickyed?

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    I sold the smallest tufting picture for $60. Getting offers of $200-$350 on the largest. Size seems to be a major determining factors in the value of these.

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    Picked a 1985 Transformers VHS yesterday at a flea market for $6... I bought it for the box for an art project. When I got it home I found $115 stashed inside.

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