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    wow. this should never, ever happen. If it's that big of an issue to search a child at school the kid should be held and his parents and probably the police should be brought in. The police would more than likely follow the laws when it comes to this sort of thing. I don't get how any school employee would think that they had the right to strip search any student.

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    agreed, that is beyond improper. bring in the police. to have a child fully nude is illegal and improper. to do so in front of other students is even worse.
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    Sounds like someone is going to get paid. That's going to be less money for an underfunded school system. Part of that money should come from the adults who did the strip search and they should also be branded as sex offenders and blackballed from ever working with children or education again.
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    I'm not sure they should be branded as sex offenders. I would think that they would have any sort of licensing revoked though.

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    The funny thing is that clayton county has several officers {about 6} that stay at all the clayton co. schools during school hours ,they even have a trailer on some school grounds . For a teacher or any one other than the police to do a search like this is waiting for a lawsuit . I went to clayton county schools my whole elementry school life the county is a rat hole now and i'm embarrased to be raised there but it was the place to be then ..ha,ha, now i just work there everyday .
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