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    INSOMNIACS: I recommend this online radio show

    If u love rock music & love a crazy story or two,
    tune in to

    4-5am CST
    6-9am(BEST OF THE WEEK)

    My friend, Aaron Imholte, has a morning show on a rock station where he shares stories from any topic.

    It's called "Fn Early With Aaron" (yes...that's the name(I'm not abbreviatin'!! LOL)).
    He calls it the "First Flush of the Mornin'"
    Follow the show on Facebook

    He also has his other show("Aaron in the Afternoon") on Facebook.
    I find most of his stories & post them on the pages.

    Whether ur just wakin' up or finally goin' to bed, it's always great to share a laugh!!

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    Recruited 3 listeners last nite...they had a blast!!!
    If u want extra info, PM me

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    Found out I may have to fill in tomorrow!!!
    Friend's havin' wisdom tooth pulled.

    Good thing I'm a night owl!! LOL

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    We're on in 10 min!!
    Check us out!!
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    As an insomniac I may meander over haha
    Avid Yankees and New York Football Giants fan.
    Favorite Athlete: Derek Jeter
    Soft spot for Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well.

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