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Thread: 02-03 fleer platinum break!

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    Smile 02-03 fleer platinum break!

    nameplate d. nowitzki #11/255
    portraits jsy b. davis

    e. ginobili rc #236/250
    t. slay rc #535/750
    c wilcox rc
    t. maddox rc
    d. dickau rc
    n. tskitishvili rc (2)
    n. hilario rc
    m. dunleavy rc

    c webber portraits

    guts & glory inserts
    a jamison (2)
    a miller (2)
    k martin
    s nash
    b wallace

    b grant #8/100
    a houston 15/100


    opening a book of 02-03 upper deck series 2 tomorrow:hop:
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    i didnt get one finish in my box and only one RC...the nowitzki is nice
    great box
    Btw, they just opened a box-break forum, so post it there next time :)
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    Those are some nice pulls I must say. Would you be interested in trading the Ginobili or Nowitzki? LMK Oh yea and BTW I opened an Upper Deck Series 2 this week on vacation in LA and wasnt TOO fortunate but got some good things (not the MJ Patch I wanted but thats life ). I got these:

    Mike Miller Game Night Jersey
    Nikoloz Tkskitishvili Star Imports Jersey

    Game Night
    MJ(non jersey)
    Mike Miller (non jersey)

    Star Imports
    Manu Ginobili
    Hedo Turkoglu

    UD Exclusives Terrence Morris 87/100

    6 Star Rookies 1:4

    Rated PG Dajuan Wagner

    Electric Company Jay Williams

    and a whole bunch of non "Star Rookie" rookie cards (pretty much almost every rook)

    Good Luck to you!

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    I have a Fleer Platinum box in the mail.... Cant wait til it gets here!

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    both cards are for trade. i have some extra money, and i want to purchase two more boxes. i want to get boxes under $60. should i get another box of platinum? upper deck 2? or should i get something different like ud generations? lmk, i will check all the replies for cards i am interested in. thanks, russ

    box break for upper deck 2.

    a. stoudemire rookie portfolio jsy
    dick fox all-access jsy (i mean rick, sorry)


    rated pg s francis

    star imports n tskitishvili, t parker

    game night k garnett, m finley

    electric company p pierce

    star rookie e. ginobili & g. giricek
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    nuttynelly: check my site and lmk if there's anything you are interested in for the dirk nowitzki patch.

    lmk thanks

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