Congratulations to Thomas (islandsportscards) for earning Super Collector status on his great Jonathan Stewart collection! Some details listed below:

All cards: 910/2221 = 41.0%
All cards excluding all 1/1: 901/1748 = 51.5%
Rookie: 39/41 = 95.1% (one of his true rookies is #'ed /10... what the...)
Autograph (including 1/1): 217/694 = 31.3%
Memorabilia (including 1/1): 271/724 = 37.4%
Serial (including 1/1): 659/1827 = 36.1%
One of One's: 9/473 = 1.9%
Proof: Here's a link to my PC website just click on the categories under Jonathan Stewart to view the card scans. Cards are listed with the actual serial # matching the ones I have.

Additional: I tend to collect duplicates of autograph, memorabilia, and low #'ed cards. I think I have around 15 of his SP Authentic Patch Autographs and multiple contenders, spx, triple threads, ultimate, and premier rookie autos, etc.

Current #'s with duplicates are 430 auto's, 281 memorabilia, 787 base/insert/#'ed as of 2/13/2012. I get more stuff in daily but haven't updated my site and counts since the last update.

Have some Stewart Cards available:

08 Aspire AUTO A-11 College Uniform
09 SP Signature Sigature Script - 3-AUTOs (Stewart, Delhomme. & Goodman) SP 5/25

07 Absolute Mem. RC JRSY RJC-7
08 Donruss Classic JRSY SC-47 School Colors Jrsy
08 SP Authentic Rookie Authentication RA-28 JRSY
08 SPx Triple JRSY RM-JS 17/75
08 UD Rookie Jrsy UDRJ-JS

My grandson collects Carolina Panthers

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