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Thread: My First Customs

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    Thanks for your input, I had got the banner off of the net as a .png file, I would assume that photoshop would allow me to change the colors but I haven't yet mastered that skill. I like that Gould Card, that is a clean look with 'Bears' in the background.

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    I just made a custom card for my custom case that I made for my 2 1984 Louisville Redbirds autographed baseballs. I need to cut a new card for my final, but i am out of cardstock. I based the card off of the 1985 Mark McGwire Rookie. I need to cut a piece of oak to make the base and the rest is done.

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    Working on some custom cut cards for my football team...

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    With the reds caravan coming up I wanted to make a custom for those guys who don't have cards. Please be give me any feedback you think will make this card look awesome. Thanks!

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    Here is a custom cut series i am working on, need some advice on incorporating the scores, if it really needs it on the front. The back of the cards (4x6) will feature the box scores from the game.

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    I think you have room to actually just put a dash beside the team name with the score.

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    The use fonts would be my suggestion. With the example of the father-son custom, the fonts don't really seem to gel together.
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    I finally got my computer with photoshop fixed and I have decided to work on some of my autos. This first one I am working on is a blank white 2.5 x 3.5 "Art card" that I got at the Louisville Bats Team auto day. Here is what I cam up with. I'd like any input before I "Send it to Press". Thank You in advance!!!

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    I just made another one today, used the same base as the Selsky... Added the logo to the top right corner, plan on doing that to the Selsky as well. Please let me know what y'all think.
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