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    How do I divide my want inventory

    I have inventoried all my wants all together. But now I want to divide it . Have NHL wants and non NHL(Junior,Minor European)
    Is there a way I move them to a new new group or do I have to do it all by hand? Taking it out one group and putting it in the other.

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    The short answer is no.

    Want inventory item works the same way as a PC or a Trader entry. Groups are based on the fields that we store for each inventory item. So you can only narrow cards using the filter provided on the public section: "Inventory" advance search.

    Mainly a group is created with the filter you can apply using these fields. Check this page for my advance search and these are the filter use to create groups.

    change CoolHandLuke to jvos and it will be your advance search.
    Then try a query and use the result to create a group just after. This is the only way to define a group and for each group, I only store the filter needed to create the group. This mean that groups are dynamic if I create a group from PC, Carey Price, AUTO, then all new Price AU set as PC will show automatically in the group and same when you delete a entry as well.

    Set Name:
    Card #
    Player Name:
    Print run

    Inventory type:
    Want only
    Trader only
    PC only

    There is also additional text search that mainly search a field that is a construction of the year, set name, card# and player name. We call it the card info field.

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    This can be helpful to narrow even more a query to the database at time. But those are the only filter that create group
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