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    Jordan vs Kobe - one last time, tonight!

    Well, as a Lakers fan, I cannot wait for the game to play tonight.

    Possibly Jordan's last visit to play the Lakers and Kobe.

    Of course, this will be Jordan's 3rd-4th time of retiring, so until he is dead, there's always the chance Jordan will come back and play again.

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    I've been waiting for this game being that I'm a huge Laker fan. Unfortunately(or hopefully FORTUNATELY) I'll be on my way to Vegas tonight. Oh well.

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    I'd rather watch t-mac vs. Kobe. Jordan is the greatest ever, but he doesnt have the mad hops any longer, yo.

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    Should be a great game, both guys are obviously two of the best ever in basketball.


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    Mj might be the greatest ever to play, but I lost a lot of respect for him, when I worked at the casino as a dealer, he is an , and that's not the problem there were lots of them, at least the others TIPPED. wE BUY HIS cards, shoes, jersey and everything, but he can't drop a few bucks in our when he win, the hell with him.

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    I agree with you there, that's just wrong. Usual stuck up rich athlete who has had fame get to his head :(


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    I know what you are saying, personally I just respect them for what they are on the court and don't think about the rest. Same with artists, etc.

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