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    Box #6

    Jerome Jordan Auto (again)
    Samuel Dalembert Auto

    Artist's Proofs Parallels
    Kevin Martin
    Deron Willaims

    Glossy (Tiffany) Parallels
    James Harden

    Slam Dunk Champion Inserts
    Jason Richardson
    Dominique Wilkins
    Spud Webb

    Hoop Dreams Inserts
    Jordan Crawford
    Darren Collison

    Courtside Inserts
    Dwyane Wade
    Kevin Love
    Paul Pierce

    Heroes Inserts
    Jerry West
    Wilt Chamberlain
    Magic Johnson
    Pete Maravich

    A Night to Remember Inserts
    Hakeem Olajuwon
    Wilt Chamberlain
    Wilt Chamberlain

    Action Photos Inserts
    Rajon Rondo
    Gary Neal
    Lebron James

    Noteable Base cards
    Jeremy Lin
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    hopefully you got some stuff you wanted or can sell. but i didn't see one card that would have got me pumped. no way i'm laying my hands on this stuff.
    Collecting LeBron James base, inserts, parallels, and GU!
    Also: Irving, Love, Thompson, Ilgauskas, Gibson, Varejao, and all Autos in Cavs uni (in that order).

    Also interested in Nowitzki Patch/GU/Low #d and anything in an Ohio State Uniform
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    I would never touch this product. What junk. How much was the case?
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    Sorry, I do not ship to Canada. Grant Jerrett Super Collector, "Whatcha got?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abenaki Blood View Post
    I would never touch this product. What junk. How much was the case?
    It was only 6 boxes. I think a case of this is 20 boxes.

    I paid $400 for these. Pretty terrible.
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    that was a swift kick in the hoops...

    all ive seen from this stuff is that its score with a different name

    Ill buy the semih erden auto I want out of it for about 3 bucks, and leave the rest alone... what rubbish. havent seen even a decent break of this stuff yet

    sorry to see you got taken to the cleaners so badly
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    Hey there...I would be interested in the Rockets you pulled. Thanks.
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    Looking for all Rockets!

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    The autos in this set are awful. Was hoping for your sake that you got a nice buyback or something. I plan on purchasing some of the retail of this set, but only to get cards for IP autos...
    My collecting habits are continually changing. Right now focusing on ABA basketball and TTM autos. Always looking for lots of 70's basketball cards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ry@n View Post
    What you want for the Asik auto?
    It is for sale, PM me. I am interested in an offer for it because it is obviously an SP.

    There is only 1 on ebay with no completed sales.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abenaki Blood View Post
    I would never touch this product. What junk. How much was the case?
    im sure this isnt intended to offend the OP. All I know is that at this point of the year and with no new products, we are dyin of thirst and it really needs to be quenched. This damn "hoops" product is a mayonaise sandwich that we eat gladly because theres nothing else in the fridge.

    Op, if I can deal for a complete set from you, maybe we can work something out, thanks!

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