After breaking three boxes of this stuff I have to give an extra congratulations to those of you that have had big hits. I can't get anything from this stuff. After three boxes, plus a few trades to fill holes, plus at least half a box of random packs from the LCS, I still have 66 needs to complete the 300 card base set. I find that unacceptable, and frustrating.

Obviously I have tons of dups if anyone has set needs sent me a PM and I will look through what I have.

Anyways, here are the "hits". All are for trade.

RCs- MKG and Uni-Brow (I also have dups of Irving and Rivers, have yet to find a Lillard)
Finalist- Pau Gasol
DT Bound- Steph Curry
MVP- Wes Unseld
Prizms- Terrell Harris, Markieff Morris, Charles Jenkins
AUs- Greg Stiemsma, Walter Berry