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    My Life in Wrestling - Contest Entry

    My Life in Wrestling - Contest Entry
    This may become an ongoing weekly column for SCF members exclusively, but for now I am not sure as I need to talk to some people who are in charge here in regards to doing work for some publicity for my companies. For now, consider these free issues about all of the behind the scenes and events I attend and work.

    This past weekend I spent in Chinatown at The Sun Bright Hotel. I found the only hotel in Manhattan for under $60 bucks. You get what you pay for I guess, as it was a glorified dorm room, only worse. Then they charged me for a second night even though I didn't stay for the evening, but that is something for my bank to deal with.

    Friday and Saturday were spent papering New York City for and - basically you run around like a chicken with it's head cut off and distribute flyers all over the place to get the word out about upcoming shows. It is not fun, as it involved working damn near 30 hours straight to cover an area as large as Manhattan. But that is the Wrestling business, and it is unlike anything anyone has ever been a part of. If you work in it, you understand. If you don't, you never will.

    I came back up to Poughkeepsie Saturday night to spend time with my girlfriend because I was done with my work early. I was not even going to go to The Ring of Honor show because I was so tired, but I knew that if I was able to get back to Manhattan Sunday morning, I would be taken care of, so I hopped back on the train to Grand Central Sunday morning.

    I arrived at The Ring of Honor show at The Manhattan Center around 1pm, and I immediately knew I had made the right decision. My tickets were comped of course for the work I did, and I spent time having a nice conversation with both Jeff Jones (An ECW Original who managed Sid Vicious in his short time in the company). We talked about the boys from back in the day, and he asked me if I needed anything like lunch or if I wanted to just hang out backstage for a bit. As I have been doing this for years already, I declined and decided to go outside and hang out with the fans who were waiting in line to buy tickets to the event.

    The fans are the best part of this business. I was recognized by a few people because they knew who I was from facebook or twitter ( Next thing I know, Mark and Jay Briscoe come up to me and we spend the next twenty minutes talking about life and their father, who is quite the character in his own right. Then came out my close personal friend Steve Corino, who I have literally known since 1999! Steve is a veteran of this business, and has wrestled all over the world. He sees me, and the next thing you know we start talking about The Elks lodge in Queens, NY (an old ECW venue that was simply insanity). Steve is one of those guys who values the work that we do for any company, so he bought me a coffee on his dime, and he finished talking to the rest of the fans.

    The show itself was awesome! Basically, I was able to walk around the entire venue the whole time. I took some pics of the show that I still need to download to facebook which I will try to do today. I left before the main event but the house was packed and I wanted to get home. I came in to see the invasion angle that was started at this show between Chikara Pro Wrestling and ROH. I had known about it for a few weeks but I had to keep my mouth shut. The "angle" came off very well. Also at the show were Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, who team together again as Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team. Their match with The Briscoe Brothers was awesome.

    All in all, it's just another weekend for me. Coming up this weekend it's Pro Wrestling Syndicate and The Big Event II - an autograph signing featuring Bobby Heenan

    Feel free to add me on facebook. I am no one special, but I do get to work with some amazing people in an amazing industry. There are many stories I wish I could share that I simply cannot because they involve the after party and some things that always seem to happen that involve pro wrestlers. It was a lot of fun though.

    Until next time -

    Michael Barton aka MonticelloCards

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