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    Convicted killer collected $30,000 of unemployment checks while in prison

    A convicted killer who gained notoriety for having a murder scene tattooed on his chest received more than $30,000 of unemployment benefits while he was in jail.

    Anthony Garcia, nicknamed ‘Chopper,’ received the fraudulent unemployment while in Los Angeles County jail from 2008 to 2010, according to police.

    They said Garcia's father and two girlfriends would get the checks then cash them and deposit the money in the inmate accounts of Garcia and fellow gang members

    According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, the sums not only benefited Garcia, but several gangs dispersed in several county jails.

    Garcia's father 47-year-old Juan Garcia, and girlfriends 45-year-old Sandra Jaimez and 25-year-old Cynthia Limas, were arrested Thursday on charges including grand theft.

    The Tribune reported that the three of them helped fill out fraudulent unemployment paperwork for Garcia and cashed in on biweekly benefit checks which totalled around $1,600 per month.

    Detectives discovered the erroneous funds when they were investigating the murder case.

    Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Parker said in a statement: ‘Inmates are not legally entitled to unemployment benefits.’
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    ‘Inmates are not legally entitled to unemployment benefits.’
    i wonder when they will change this. since they can get married, be provided certain meals, and other things.
    Jay Shrewsbury
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    And now we see why government agencies not communicating causes a problem. If all government agency computers were integrated then these types of things would never happen.

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