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    2012 SCF “March Madness” Bracket Challenge

    Welcome to the 2012
    S C F
    “March Madness”
    Bracket Challenge
    How to play:
    1. Join the 2012 SCF March Madness group on, create a bracket predicting March Madness winners and you could win major cardcash!
    2. PM me your email address to join and your invited! (password: Wildcats)

    You do need to register with if you don't already have an account (its free).

    (Best overall ESPN bracket wins $10,000 from!) Open to all members and staff. SCF VIPs can also enter the VIP version here and win a card from the SCF prize vault!


    • Only 1 bracket entry per member in the SCF group.
    • Please use your scf user name as your entry name.

    Entrants may change their selection as often as they like prior to the scheduled tipoff-time of the Tournament (currently scheduled for the morning of Thursday, March 15, 2012) after which all selections must be finalized.

    1st Place will receive 750 cc
    2nd Place will receive 500 cc
    3rd Place will receive 250 cc
    4th Place will receive 150 cc
    5th Place will receive 100 cc
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    I entered the group thanks for the contest

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    im in
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    Somehow I ended up registering twice in the group. Since your running it, is it possible to delete the entry for "PGH Sportstalk1". There should be no bracket filled out there, my bracket is under my SCF name.

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    Kurt fixed and taken care of.

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    Tomorrow morning before the first game of the second round starts is the last chance to get in on the contest!!

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