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    does anyone on here notice how left-wing espn is?

    i first noticed it when dan patrick had something to say about the stanley cup winning goalie decided not to go to the white house with his team. dan patrick pretty much said the man should let his values go and do honor to a president or government that has not done we the people any good...then i noticed all the government advertising on espn radio...the thing that really sucks is i like the dan patrick show, collin cowherd show, and mike and mike...and i probably wouldnt have had a problem, but when a sportscaster wants to criticize a man about his political beliefs, because they obviously differ from his own, and yet praise muhamed ali for his keep it short it opened my eyes to how espn has fallen in line with the liberal agenda...thoughts please!

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    so no one notices this, how about how big espn in particular is making such a big deal about this bounty crap...

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    I have noticed, did you notice about how the President is also having a website African Americans vote for Obama? Or how about him having the churchs pushing its members to vote for him? That is againest the Constitution, you are supposed to keep politics and religion seperate.

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    i didnt notice that but its definately nothing i would be surprised about

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