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    I'm looking for a little help for a friend

    A few weeks ago, a co-worker of mine at my job asked me to look into the prices of some cards her son had. There are just a few cards that weren't listed in either Beckett or Tuff Stuff. I'll list the cards below, and hopefully, some of you fine folks can fill in the blanks. Here we go!

    Upper Deck A Touch of Gold Doug Mientkiewicz: Copyright 2000
    Signed by the player, serial numbered 204/500.

    Upper Deck Legends of NY Graig Nettles game used jersey card
    Ron Swoboda game used bat card
    Both of these are from 2001

    Upper Deck "Stars of '89" Mark Grace game used jersey (2002)

    We're not looking to sell or trade at this time. We're just looking for book value, so that we have an idea of its current worth. Any help is appreciated.

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    You can go to and type in each player's name under the free card search. Hope this helps. Welcome to the forum.

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    the mark grace is bv 15.... at least according to a june beckett......... not sure on the rest

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    Thanks, folks. I logged onto and finally figured out how to get the info I needed. Information will be forwarded to its destination on Monday.

    Now, if the administrator can close this thread......

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