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    Danny McBride ("Kenny Powers") Addy

    Hey guys!

    I'm just starting out with TTM and I would looove to get Mr. McBride to sign my DVD covers. Anyone have a good addy? Any past successes?


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    Do you think that would work? They've finished filming for good I'm pretty sure. I guess it's worth a shot though...

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    I'm sure by now Danny has some sort of production company with an office, I would try to call HBO and see if they would give you that address.

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    Danny McBride
    Rough House Pictures
    c/o Mandate Pictures
    2700 Colorado Avenue Suite 501
    Santa Monica, CA 90404

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    cool idea would love to get his rookie card signed
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    Thank you all for the help. I'll be sending out in the next couple days and keep you all updated!

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    Just called "Rough House Pictures" (Mandate Studios and Rough House are apparently different) and asked if Mr. McBride would be available to sign something if I sent it to them. The guy on the phone said "that shouldn't be a problem!"

    For anyone else interested, this is the address he gave me:

    Mr. Danny McBride
    Rough House Pictures
    1722 Whitley Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90028-4809

    Looking forward to this!

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