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Thread: Kenseth Autos and Race Used

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    Kenseth Autos and Race Used

    Hello!! My last thread was a little vague. I'm looking for Kenseth Autographs and Race Used cards. I first met Matt when I was 9 because we went to the same church. I've been hooked on him since. My goal is to tackle super collector status for all autos and race used then focus on inserts and base a few years down the road. 1 autograph down, so many to go!! Again right now AUTOS AND RACE USED ONLY. Thanks!!

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    also have a wheels rc auto from bush series

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    I dont have any auto's but I do have some of his really older cards and some rookies and parallel cards I should have them put into my collection sometime in the coming week.

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    i have 2 matt kenseth in person autos, as well as a few press pass signings certified autos from 2005 and from press pass autos certifed in his nationwide firesuit and sprint cup suit. LMK and ill try an get a pic of them uploaded

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    Sorry for not replying!! I like all of the Race Used and Autos I've seen so far. @a48jjfan not really looking for rookies and parallels just yet. @Blue33Gold pm coming.

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    i have this for sale make an offer

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    Have these:

    Auto, 01 PP SIGNINGS
    Race used, 01 PP HOT TREADS 2290/2405

    I saw in your bucket an Al Kaline patch, and a few Brandon Pettigrew's. PM me if we can work out a trade.


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    Howdy, i have a Kenseth '11 Fanfare auto 23/25 & 2 R/U in my inventory, also a '96 Bowmans Best Mirror Images, Favre/Grbac/Elway/Bledsoe atomic refractor
    Howdy, I mainly coll. Jeff Gordon, Dale Jr, Danica & Walter Payton, Peace from Jupiter !!

    If you're going to bring up ebay, dont bother responding

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