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Thread: My tobacco card collection

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    My tobacco card collection

    My first t205 arrived the other day! I've been trying to land one for a long time now and I was so excited when it arrived! I'm trying to collect all the Cubs now and I have another one on the way. Maybe later I'll try to do the whole set or something, but right now I'm over the moon with this one.
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    I'm mostly a T205
    and T206-CUBS guy.
    Love the card, take a look at my bucket
    for ideas and if you ever have ???? Please feel free. Nice pick up. John
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    Wanted T205 & T206s
    other prewar baseball (Ts,E, R, Ws,ect.)
    Also anythings
    CUBS related

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    Thanks a lot, you really have a lot of nice cards. I noticed that some of them are graded and others aren't though. Lately I've been thinking about sending in at least any older cards I pick up. In your opinion, do you think it would be worth it?

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    I would get all tobacco cards graded, for two reasons. One, to ensure they are authentic and unaltered. Second, if they are PC, the protection for them is so much better in a graded slab. From what I understand, PSA is they way to go for resale value, but I love the BGS holder for protection. I am definitely in the minority of people who would rather grade vintage through BGS though.
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    Yeah, I sent four of them in for grading through SCF and am awaiting anxiously to get them back. In the mean time, I've also picked up some more cards since the last time I updated. These ones are in better condition than the other ones and I'm just waiting for the next submission to open up. I think these new ones will grade pretty well.

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    man, I wish I had held onto my T206's. Had to unload them years ago, and now I cant afford them.

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    Very nice cant go wrong with the vintage stuff

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    New one just came in the mail the other day. Probably the centerpiece of my collection right now

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