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Thread: My tobacco card collection

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    My tobacco card collection

    My first t205 arrived the other day! I've been trying to land one for a long time now and I was so excited when it arrived! I'm trying to collect all the Cubs now and I have another one on the way. Maybe later I'll try to do the whole set or something, but right now I'm over the moon with this one.

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    Nice pickup! I bet the grade is "1" because of back damage. But that's okay as long as the front has appeal. That is how I collect these oldies. :)
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    No creases and some edgewear. With that grade it's gotta be paper damage on the back. That's what I LOVE about these cards - low grade = low cost, but the front is still has the spectacularness (sp?) of a higher graded card!

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    The thing I find really nice about these cards is that the low grade cards are just as attractive as the high ones (except in some cases) and like, you said, they cost much less. The two I just bought are actually a lot nicer than their grade shows, I think. I feel like they should at least be graded a 2 each, but I really don't see myself sending them in for regrading anytime soon.

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