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    Poppin open new wax. Giddy - Contest Entry

    "Mailman's here" my sister yelled down the stairs. Thump, thump, thump up the stairs I hop two stairs at a time and the last leap is three. ďIs it here?!?" I yelled. The mailman dropped off nothing. ****! When will it come? Does this world of insane shipping costs really going to make me wait to bust open my two blasters ordered nearly a week ago! Racing over to the computer I try to check where my two blasters are and theyíre in the FedEx holding site waiting to be shipped! Meanwhile the package that came was our new computer that my sister was screaming must be turned on so she can check her Facebook. All awhile Iím pissed and trying to call up the FedEx thatís holding my blasters. They tell me ďIf your id number is right you will be receiving it soon.Ē HOW SOON IS THAT?
    I honestly donít want to wait anymore and decide that I need to get my mind off opening up new packages of cards. I decide itís time for EBay, a collectorís best and worst friend. Deals may be found on EBay, but when you need to start/complete a series, itís your best friend. Being it that Iíve got too much time on my hands and donít have work for 2 days it can end dangerously if binging on EBay auctions. Overpricing and spending more than you want always happens to me. I become fantasized with beating out the competition to bid. Now thereís not much I can do, but try to slow the wrecking ball course Iím on. Once it starts, the only way to stop is to slow it down and let it take its course. After the perfect storm has crushed my budget itís nearly the next day. I can start to feel guilty and holy **** I just spent my paycheck. The ďGiddyĒ feeling now starts to wear off and the lowlife begins.
    Now comes denial. Thereís no way shipping is that much, did I even bid for that item, why did I purchase a boatload of commons that are thrown into a box? ďThereís no way people can spend that amount of money on that amount of cardsĒ I repeat over and over in my head. Now Iím going to have more than I already have, and donít need, and only a few cards that I really needed. How do I get out of my debtÖ? Thereís no way to chalk it up as pure ďemphatic spendingĒ that canít be seen as nothing but massing commons.
    Massive amounts of commons have now all been bought because of anxiety of not getting my new 09-10 Certified Basketball Blasters. Why does this happen? Who knows...? The next day waking up I feel almost a hangover feeling in my body, almost a feeling of hurt and shame. God this just feels worse than a hangover because now Iíve got to sort through 5000 commons and try to find someone to take them. Card Binging < Hangover. Simply put, donít be a Binge card shopper when youíre weak because youíll always go back to it, just like the Hangovers.
    Hearing a door shut I speed to the door window to find that my blasters are in that truck! I bust my tail over before the FedEx mailman can even step into my driveway and I snatch the box out of his hands. ďSir! Youíve got to sign for this!Ē I hear in the background and I fly over to him to sign for the package. I destroy the box by ripping at the sides, because who needs a pair of scissors? Inside: Two 09-10 Certified Blasters! I rip open all the packs and listen the new packs being broken up. Itís music to my ears and when I find a Jersey Card of Jeff Teague and James Harden my heart skips. Gold team of Kobe 1 numbered 050/500. Now Iíve got my two blasters opened and on the way several thousands of commons coming to my door.
    How does the thrill of opening up cards get so high, yet so low? Itís an addiction. Once you start youíve got to finish and now Iím looking to buy a Hobby Box for 09-10 Certified!

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