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Thread: My tiny PC (scan heavy)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jowhh View Post
    completely out of curiosity ( You don't have to answer ) How much have you spent to obtain your collection?

    A very nice collection.
    I honestly dont know probley 1,000-1,500 a year for the past 5 or 6 years and I started in 1989 so all those old cards are what I pack pulled. Now in 2003 I bought a collection sight unseen for 500.00 and it had over 300 T-206s and cards that dated from 1888-1979. The guy was getting devorced and his wife wanted his cards so he sold them all as quick as he could.
    The story goes like this-
    My mom bought a 500 count box at an auction for 10.00 and after the auction was over the man asked my mom if she collected cards. She laughed and said no. One of my sons have been collecting since 1989 and he enjoys it. Then the man proceeded with I have a collection I want to sell and my future ex-wife is taking me to the cleaners. Some of these cards belong to my dad and he passed on and I dont have the time to seperate the cards and sell them and with me having to go back to the barricks on base I need all the money I can get. She said how much he said 500.00. My mom called me the next day and told me the story. I was working about 100hrs a week and had 500.00 to blow and felt for the guy. So my mom called him he brought the cards ovr she gave him a check and I mailed mine to her. After 3 months with me meeting my mom 1/2 way so I can get the cards I decided to have them shipped tpo the house. 4 boxes about chest high and I would say like 3x3 wide full of cards. They showed up on a Monday and I went to work about 4am that morning and being gone for 7 days know the boxes are at home waiting on me and my wife complaining she cant get out the front door because they were in her way I was anxious to get home. When I got home the first box I opened had the 1922 American Caramel Babe Ruth BV back then 300.00, next boxes was 1909-11 T-206 Tris Speaker bv back then like 600.00, next box on top was a 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth BV 3,000 back then and the last box and took me a while to figure out what it was a 1914 General Baking Honus Wagner 600.00 back then. I called my mom to call the police and report I may have received stolen goods. next I took the 4 boxes and put them in my closet and stashed them their for about 3 months scared to go through them and get them mixed up with my collection. Well I called her again to see if she heard anything. After talking to the surounding towns 3 of the police stations said its been 6 months and no reports they are yours. I even called a few of the police stations myself. It took me almost a year to go through them all and sell the ones I didnt want.

    Everyone has a goldmine in life but most pass it up and not realizing it. I guess I found mine. LOL

    Thank you for your comments

    PS The newer stuff I pack pulled I usually buy boxes and not very many single packs

  2. #22 much variety in your collection... is there certain players or teams you like the most? It ranged from Lincecum...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rowdy Gentleman View Post much variety in your collection... is there certain players or teams you like the most? It ranged from Lincecum...
    Thank you
    My favorite Player is Nolan Ryan. I will have to add scans on here some day. My favorite team is Rangers. My favorite player right now is Jeter, Once Jeter retires I will have to pick another current player.
    I need to get my trade updates scanned this month sometime.

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    January 2013 pick ups
    January 2013 pick ups

    My redemption that finally came in just waiting on 13 more from 2010 - 2012

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    You were not kidding when you said scan heavy. LOL... I really like the Verlander autograph, and the Babe Ruth Bambino bat card.

    -Robert Lewis

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