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    10/4 got 1 ttm, 4/4 from Mike Cameron, signed 4 cards
    10/5, RTS from Larry Huges, if anyone has a good adress please lmk

    Also made a SICK purchase, will post it when I receive it

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    Did you make a "SICK" purchase with the $ you owe me?

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    1/1 from Blake Beaven last week, got a crappy sig, used a dried out silver sharpie

    10/9/12-Got 4 ttms and 1 purchase

    0/2 and 1/0 from Steve Garvey, he didnt sign my 2 cards but send a signed index card with NL Mvp 1974 inscribed

    4/4 from Damon Stoudamire, signed all 4 cards nicely in black

    2/2 from Bobby Doerr, signed 2 cards, inscribed Hof 86 on one but it got smudged and nothing on the other

    4/4 from Carl Erskine, signed both 8x10s with awesome inscriptions and my custom from RockiesFan33 and a rackrs

    Got my ebay purchase, a signed 8x10 of Triple Crown Winner Miguel Cabrera for a steal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanpmeyer View Post
    Did you make a "SICK" purchase with the $ you owe me?
    Quote Originally Posted by Philly Fan 5064 View Post
    Got my ebay purchase, a signed 8x10 of Triple Crown Winner Miguel Cabrera for a steal
    What an awesome steal!
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    truly is a steal when you're buying it with ryan's money

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    It's hilarious that he totally ignores it instead of fixing it... Has to be a child.

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    Yeah.......Always ignores me! Soon....I am gonna be knocking on his parents front door!

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    Yo junior, you are totally classless. We have a pretty tight community around here, especially alot of the guys on Philly Ink, and to totally screw a dude out of something then ignore him is a low as it gets. I've graphed with Ryan and dealt with him tons of times, and he should at least be treated with some respect. Nobody is going to give a flying crap about your successes if you are going to completely ignore someone that you not only had a handshake deal with but you owe money and/or items to. Grow up.
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    Looking for 66-67 Topps Hockey

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    Well Druce as soon as you posted he sent me $17 via Paypal....not the $20 but I guess whatever.....this kid is gonna get no where in this world if he keeps acting the way he does.....! I just hope others realize that he isn't worth dealing with.

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