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    Thoughts On 02-03 UD Generations?

    Good buy? Good box?

    It seems like its a pretty cool box with the possibility for Bird, Erving, Russell, and Chamberlain GUs....

    Is it a good buy or not?

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    great box, i got a box and got a dr j jsy, alex english auto, and mike bibby jsy
    and the rc's are really nice
    i got a good buy on my box for 36 bux

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    Wonder why the Box is so cheap? It looks like one of the better sets out there....

    Where did you get yours? Was it on the internet?

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    What are the odds on the jerseys and autos?

    Did you get any top rookies like Ming, Stoudemire, Ginobili, or Nene?

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    theres 2 jsy's per box and auto's are inserted 1:3 boxes
    i got 4 rc's numbered to 999 but nobody special
    but the rc's have a nice design

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