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Thread: SDre31's TTM Success Thread

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    Here's my last return from 2012. It's from former MVP Josh Hamilton. I waited until the end of the 2012 season to send this out and received it a few days after he signed with the Angels. I love the way it came out, and the card is from one of my favorite insert sets.

    Josh Hamilton
    c/o Texas Rangers
    Sent: 9/24/12
    Received: 12/17/12

    So that's a wrap on my 1st year of TTMing. It was definitely a lot of fun. I've got a bunch in mind for 2013, including resending to some former Cyclones who didn't respond last year. My final 2012 results: 34 for 73 (47%), with my Spring Training return from Mariano Rivera as my favorite. Not a bad start.
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    Nice Hamilton. That was a great card choice. Came out fantastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riggs View Post
    Nice Hamilton. That was a great card choice. Came out fantastic.
    Thanks, Riggs! Much appreciated!

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    First year and you get Mo and Hambone, that's enough to get you hooked!

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    Quote Originally Posted by J_A_S_Z View Post
    First year and you get Mo and Hambone, that's enough to get you hooked!
    You're absolutely right!

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    This is my 1st return from 2013. It's from Clayton Kershaw, the 2011 Cy Young Award winner. I sent it to him at the end of last season, hoping that he'd continue with his pattern and sign it during Spring Training. He sure did! I wish he hadn't signed directly across the Dodgers name on the jersey, but I can't be picky. The autograph also came with a piece of paper thanking fans for their support, directing us to visit his website, and that cites to Colossians 3:23.

    Clayton Kershaw
    c/o Los Angeles Dodgers
    Sent: 8/29/12
    Received: 2/11/13

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    I received two returns last Thursday, the first ones from this year's Spring Training batch. It felt really great to get these two back since I sent to both players last Spring and did not receive a response.

    The first is from Lucas Duda and is for my Brooklyn Cyclones autograph project. He played in 67 games for the Cyclones in 2007. Lucas stuggled last season as the Mets everyday right fielder and was eventually demoted to Triple A over the summer. He is slated to be the Mets left fielder this season.

    Lucas Duda
    c/o Mets Spring Training
    Sent: 2/11/13
    Received: 2/22/13

    Cyclones Career
    Year: 2007
    Games: 67
    Batting Line (AVG, HR, RBI): .299, 4, 32

    The second return is from Red Sox relief pitcher Pedro Beato. He was a member of the Mets until they traded him to the Red Sox last summer. Since he grew up a Mets fan like me, is from one of the New York boroughs like I am, and went to a rival Catholic high school during the same time that I went to high school, I thought it would be cool to send to him and wrote about that in my letter. His return was awesome. Not only did he personalize to me in my full name (never had that happen before...I blurred out my last name here), but he also thanked me for being a great fan on the card. He did this all in cursive handwriting just like we were raised to do in Catholic school haha. Very cool in my opinion.

    Pedro Beato
    c/o Red Sox Spring Training
    Sent: 2/11/13
    Received: 2/22/13

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    Yesterday's mail brought another success for my Brooklyn Cyclones project. It's from Bobby Parnell, a setup man with the Mets. Bobby can throw over 100 mph, but he hasn't been able to seize the closer's role despite being given the chance each of the past few seasons. Just like with Lucas Duda and Pedro Beato above, I sent to Bobby last Spring Training but did not receive a reply. I guess persistence (and sending earlier) pays off.

    Bobby Parnell
    c/o Mets Spring Training
    Sent: 2/11/13
    Received: 2/28/13

    Cyclones Career
    Year: 2005
    Games: 15
    Pitching Line (W-L, ERA): 2-3, 1.73

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    Friday's mail included a return from Pedro Feliciano. Pedro was the primary left-handed reliever throughout the late 2000's for Mets. After being injured the past two seasons with the Yankees, he is attempting to earn a spot in the Mets bullpen this Spring. Although I'm thankful he took the time to sign, I'm disappointed with how this one turned out. His signature is very hard to see because he signed right over the Mets logo. The scan actually makes it look clearer than it does in person.

    Pedro Feliciano
    c/o Mets Spring Training
    Sent: 2/11/13
    Received: 3/1/13

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    I received a return on Saturday from Reds third baseman Todd Frazier. It's pretty cool to me that he was on the 1998 Little League World Series championship team from New Jersey and has made it all the way to the big leagues.

    Todd Frazier
    c/o Reds Spring Training
    Sent: 2/21/13
    Received: 3/2/13

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