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    Carmelo Anthony Finest XRC Redemption

    just got one for trade BV 150

    looking to trade for an auto or sell for $70


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    tatotop- im not understanding what you are saying

    bballin- i dont really wanna do a half/half unless there is an auto booking at least 60 involved

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    u don't understand??i said let me buy ur card if u want to sell it

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    oh, ok you want it for $70? are you serious about it?
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    nah....i didn't see taht u gonna sell it for $70..sorry

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    i thought so :)...yah im mostly lookin to trade it

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    do you have ne autos not listed on your page? the only one i can use is the walker 7/11 but im more interested in a shaq/garnett type....
    where is your baseball listed?

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