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    2011 I can 50/50 this team/league/player

    Here is a running 2011 thread for those of you who can 50/50 a particular team, league or player! Be sure you follow the 50/50 rules here at SCF and state what types of items you are willing to 50/50, when you would need items by and when you would be sending back. You also need to add those details along with who will be paying shipping each way along with your post in the trade manager! All 50/50 worked out on SCF must be posted in trade manager!
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    The rules that you agree to by posting:
    1. Include a SASE for your items when sending them to me. To avoid delays in shipping your items, this is the best for you. No SASE means that you won't get your stuff back.
    2. I am not responsible for items lost in the mail. (I recommend delivery confirmation both ways if the item is important to you). I also don't trust my college campus mail room w/ packages due to past experiences, and will ask to hold these until I am in a "safer mailing environment." (basically May-August)
    3. I will get premium items signed before others (ie. OMLB over cards). Even if I take your order and another person's afterward, even though most players don't mind signing a bunch if they have enough time before the first pitch, etc.
    4. There is NO GUARANTEE that your item will be signed. I cannot control who decides to sign on day(s) that I am there. This is obvious, but I like to state this anyways.
    5. If your item is not signed I will send it back in your SASE.
    6. They will sign in whatever pen or Sharpie they have. I have blue sharpie/bic with me for cards/baseballs, but can accommodate black or silver if you wish. If you want to try to get something specifically in a different color or type of pen, send it with your item along with a note. I will TRY to get it signed with your pen/Sharpie, but no guarantees. Some players like to grab one pen and sign everything with it, for those who didn't know this before.
    7. Your items will be returned to you when I notify you of such. Cards are quicker to mail than large items due to my location. Please PM me if you would like to get an idea when it will be.
    8. Provide a list of your items and specifics, if you have any. This makes it much easier for me to sort your items and ship them to you. Also, I don't like that whole sticky note on the back of cards thing, just list the card as accurately as you can and I will know.
    9. If you send me 8 cards to 50/50, for example, and I can only get 6 signed, I will send you back 3 signed and two unsigned, and keep the other 3 signed. This seems fair to me and you should be happy I do it this way.

    I have listed below the dates and players that will attend. More information can be made available if you would like it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    2011 Great Lakes Loons (Dodgers Low A)
    season starts in April - I have not selected the games I will attend but will keep constant communication w/ you.


    Harris, Lenny - no Dodgers cards on my half or 89 Fleer w/ Brown, have enough of these already!
    Martinez, Kremlin
    Shoemaker, John

    possible players:

    Guerrero, Pedro
    Lee, Zach
    Webster, Allen - he was not easy for me to get last year
    Wise, J.T.
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    Zack, the Detroit Tigers & TTM/IP autograph collector
    I don't check here often, so PM me if you can't wait.

    I DO NOT support the Panini/new Donruss company and am not interested in there cards.
    Please refrain from offering those in trades with me

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    anyone in the Atlantic league. I should go to a couple more games this season. The rosters are on I have experience getting autographs here and I know who signs and who doesnt.

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    reading phillies (phillies AA)here. Possibly also the harrisburg senators (wash nats AA).

    Both are within driving distance. I have had pretty good luck at the rPhils, but the sens just changed the dugout around, and they now leave thru a tunnel. Makes for a harder graph session.

    BUT.. lmk and I will do my best

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    I'm new here and can someone please tell me what a 50-50 is? Thanks

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