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Thread: Murder of Kevin Shifflett

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    Murder of Kevin Shifflett

    Here's one more link for the pleasure of our conservative members. I remember this one like it was yesterday. I was living in the DC area back then. Kevin Shiflett was an 8 year old white boy was murdered by a deranged black man in alexandria,va back in 2000. I was listening to the radio on the way home (it was a black radio station btw) and the radio show hosts and listeners were horrified. When someone hurts a child regardless of race we all take it personally. I was so ticked off at it I wanted to find this guy myself and serve him some "street justice". Lucky for him he got caught by the police. So for the last time please stop trying to suggest that I am some type of racist who only cares about black children. Whenever any adult of any race hurts a child I take it personally.
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    we don't all think your racist,
    but you have to admit, this isn't even close to the trayvon case. if trayvon was 8 and stabbed to death, do you think we would think an 8 year old black kid deserves it and the crazy white guy must be innocent?

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    So you get accused of racism so you post a couple of links to crimes where the victim was white. What is that supposed to prove?
    Not commenting on your being racist or not but if you post a couple of threads to prove something I think you missed the point.
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    For the record, not all of us are 'conservatives'.
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