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Thread: Kellen Moore PC

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    Kellen Moore PC

    So the 2012 Rookies are coming out and Im collecting Kellen Moore. Here is what I have already. If you have any I may need or want Let me know. Thanks for looking

    Here is the Bucket:
    Currently updated as of: 01/26/2013

    Also check out this Bucket. It is unorganized due to the switch over to beta photobucket. Once they update there organization feature I will relocate these:

    Notable Numbers:(these are cards numbered out of a significant number to me or the player) Updated: 03/03/2013

    11 (college jsy #)=12
    13 (my fav #)=15
    17 (pro jsy #)=10
    # 10 or less=?

    There are also a few other significant numberings such as the first and last of a print run but those arent to important just kinda cool. Also some red inks and inscriptions that are also rare.

    Current total of all cards: 253
    Current total of non-duplicate cards: 202
    Current total of just autos: 143
    Current total of patch/jsy cards: 8
    Current total of patch/jsy autos: 9
    Updated: 03/03/2013

    Duplicates are of autos, numbered cards, or jsy/patch cards only. I dont consider red ink and inscriptions duplicates in a specific print run unless I have additional red ink or inscriptions in that print run.

    (Pics have been removed from this post and can be found in the Bucket or throughout the thread.)

    Chrome now has its own bucket and will be updated and added to periodically so please feel free to check out the Chrome Bucket.
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    need the sage hit base? PM address and Ill send it your way monday
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    Good start. I hope no 2nd grader forges his signature, though. Only joking. Good luck with your new PC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrewCrew06 View Post
    Good start. I hope no 2nd grader forges his signature, though. Only joking. Good luck with your new PC.
    Thank you Haha for sure my wife said the same thing.

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    I have his Leaf Metal Draft Red /5 AUTO. One just sold for $150 on the bay... I could go a few bucks under...
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    Im going to use this post for scans. I should have started doing this long ago but better late than neve. This is a show off thread anyhow.

    Since Im starting so late I will just start off with some bigger pickups to get things going. These Pics added: 2/15/2013

    SPx Quad Auto 2/3

    SPA SOTT Triple Auto

    SP Threads Jumbo patch Auto 3/5

    SPA Gold SOTT Auto 3/10

    added 2/17/2013

    Added 2/19/2013 Bowman Sterling Rainbow (I do have the regular base rc but it is not pictured)

    Added 2/20/2013 Crown base rainbow minus retail and bronze( havent seen a bronze so Im not sure if its retail or what)

    17/99 Uni #

    Uncut Purple
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    I am from Idaho so Ive always been a fan of Boise. I like this kids drive and work ethic and think maybe he might do well. Thanks for the look and the compliment

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    very nice start to the PC!


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    Thanks Everyone.
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