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    Anthony's Professional Graphics

    My Simple (Free) Graphics Threads can Be found here

    Banners (300x100): $3.00
    Banners (500x100, for VIP's): $5.00
    Avatars (150x150): $1.50

    What is the difference between my free banners and my paid banners?
    My professional banners are much more time consuming and i put much mor effort into these signatures. My basic signatures take around 10 minutes to make (with an image unrendered, 20 minutes). My professional signatures can take me roguhly an hour. Since they cost so much I will have to charge. To start it off i made a signature for myself to show you the quality versus my basic's.

    Banner for me:

    Banner for friend on other forums:

    My New iPhone Background:

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    what happened to all the banners?
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    Quote Originally Posted by #1duckscollector View Post
    what happened to all the banners?
    Bucket got overcroweded had to move a bunch of stuff around. Go into my bucket, find the GFX section, find your banner and reputation it in your signature

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